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  1. Very pretty lady!!!

  2. hello! come and try new TF release :)

  3. Charmie

    Charmie .....

    Thanks a lot Khanitta for being there with me no matter happy or hard time. Yes even there is no party (plan) you still done a lot organizing things... :-) Thanks everyone for the Birthday Wishes :-) May I take this chance to wish each one of you all the best!
  4. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away hope u share a lots and receive a lots 4 days 2 come happy birthday

  5. Hello Hola Hallo! nice feather of new TF release :-)

  6. I gonna take it... Cheers!
  7. Charmie

    new tf generation

    The change the challenge, it suppose to be good if it is real upgrade. the site is lack of testing before shipping to market. well, here are the feedback (both + and -). not sure if any whom are open to criticism or only sugar coated is accepted.
  8. are they remember that they are dog, not a rabbit lol
  9. Charmie

    Are you seriousssss???

    many bugs found on the new look of TF site. should do well QA before it is kicked off
  10. Charmie

    My drawing

    very impressive
  11. §Ò¹¹èÒÃÑ¡ÃÒ¡ ÂÔ¹´Õ´éǤèà ÃÕ¤ÇÒÃÊØ¢ÃÒ¡æ¹Ã
  12. Charmie

    Happy birthday Offy!

    Happy Birthday Offy
  13. Charmie

    My friend

    all the girls in this journal are beautiful lol
  14. Charmie

    My friend

    Heartily Thank you to my best FriendS xxx we know who is who xxx Big Thank you to any who come to celebrate my day! Thank you to you all for happy birthday wishes! xxx Hope all the best return the same to you xxx
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