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  1. In that case you should have interupted and told him!!!!! I woudl appreciated being interupted to be informed of something like a guy blatently staring at my wife!!!! Interupt, Interupt!!!! Let him piss in the guys soup!!!!
  2. ..... but at diffirent times though... even if we started at the same time ... You want some trouble :twisted:
  3. The thing with all the quotes, proof and historical fact, is that each and every religious fundamentalist are able to present a similar argument pertaining to their religion. Gnosticism, I know a guy who is into this, he asked me to check out the time of Constantine and the Nicene Creed document and stuff relating to the development of Christianity and the Council of Nicaea. I have had a brief scan of this stuff, and the people who explain this sound very convincing in their views also. Rather than defending or attempting to prove Gods existence, most religions are more interested in defending
  4. Thats a look for you -Jim- --- >>> _f0xyl3ab3 yes.. that wha I did ... --->>> Dex, Greggo, Craig Yes.. my Partner was thinking I was doing my usual sulking... Nah.. he was talking on the phone & noting stuff trying to sort some probs for his team from work... we didnt even mange to have a proper dinner... *sigh* and yes.. he kind of get used to the stare thing beign with a stunning like me ... :shock: Honesty, I am enjoying being a centre of attention at times... But there is a line .. between staring & peeking.... A real Gentleman would know how to peek po
  5. Surely your partner could tell you were somewhat distracted???? Either way, you really shoudl have let your partner know, your continued glances over to the guy may have been interpreted by him as a strong interest. Your partner should gone over and pissed in the guys dinner or wanked in his pocket.
  6. You can buy an Ear Puncher......Use for I.D. or to punch holes for ear tags, great to ID your partner :-) Ear Punch Features oil impregnated brass bushings to prevent sticking. Lightweight aluminum construction & case-hardened steel punch with deeper recess to allow punching farther into the ear. Use for I.D. or to punch holes for ear tags. 3/8" diameter hole.
  7. CS, I understand what you mean. The guy just comes for 10 or 15 days and the longest about 3 weeks but he will plan to visit another place alone with an excuse that she does not have enough holidays to join him. When He arrives Bangkok, he will rest for 2 or 3 days and then a few days before departure. That is why she claims that she is stupid to trust him such a long time. Relationships are strange things.........the thing is usually not what is said, but more to the point what is not said. In my eyes communication between men and women always has been and always will be.....eerrmm....ho
  8. I would be really interested to hear things from the guys side. 3 years is a considerable time to be together, anything could happened between them in that time frame, I doubt that your take on the events is in the slightest bit accurate. So much could have happened with both people during that time regarding work, love, money....the list is endless.
  9. In the Bible, there is no differentiation between those who are thrown into the Lake of Fire who heard and rejected the gospel and those who did not hear, but would have rejected the gospel had they heard. The Bible never divides them up into neat little sets like this. I think you misunderstood a little what I was asking and what I was trying to get across. The question was raised about pockets of people around the world who have never had the opportunity to see anythign except their own village and surroundings, isolated places where they still live fromt he land etc, never seen anyone from
  10. Back to the question, I do not want to split hairs here or analyse wordings, I am genuinely interested to know how people who have never had the opportunity to be introduced will be dealt with when they die. I think you probably explained most of this in your reply to Cairan, in that God knows how people will react to the Jesus, based on this knowledge GOD will not find a way to introdude them to the Gospel.......I think I got this right?? Regarding Jesus and misconceptions, I like to keep things simple and to the point, ie: the question at hand. One thing I will say, let's take Angels (Gods M
  11. what about the ppl who for centuries or milenia never even heard of jesus christ ? are they all going to burn in hell with the rest of us poor unsaved souls ?? Now this is an interesting point, I would genuinelly like to hear your views on this scuts. Come Judgement Day how will these people be dealt with? I mean for example people who have never had the opportunity to be introduced to Christianity in any way shape or form, are they handed the "blame"? Interesting question....
  12. Who is this spineless prick you speak of? There are quite a few of them around!!! OK Cairan, do tell.... don't know Craig as it appears someone got into babyoiy's ID and used it to send me a PM. smart guy or what ?? Oh well, whoever it is, is a prick, I mean at least when we have something to say it is said directly to each other, private messaging from someone elses account is comical/pathetic. Thank GOD we can be direct without the use of others accounts :twisted:
  13. Who is this spineless prick you speak of? There are quite a few of them around!!! Anyway I do not think (please note I said "I") there will ever be any definative answer to this question ever. As I said before God is a very, very personal thing, ones own belief. For me intellectualising the subject or trying to systematically work through the bible to provide "proof" makes me turn away from the idea of their being a God...wait let me clarify....of their being a God as in the Bible. As I see people have alreay said this is really a "yes or no" answer, the reasoning behind it for an individual i
  14. Here is one I made earlier :twisted:
  15. Its ok Cs.. we know you are a Sheep in Wolve's clothing.. no need to try.. lol I am a sheep :shock:
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