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  1. long time no see you, kinda mizz your post...chob chob, narak dee :)

  2. So... เพื่อนไปเพลสหรือเปล่า?? I must know! And... เวลาที่หมีอ้วนอยู่กรุงเทพฯ........ ชอบมาก! อาจจะหมีอ้วนบอกเพื่อนและก็เพื่อนไปประเทศไทย และก็ตอนนี้ฝรั่งเยอะแยะ! (โทษนะครับ!!)
  3. Hello Horny Henk. Hey Horny Henk, it's your birthday? Well, Horny Henk, Happy birthday!

    Farewell, Horny Henk!

  4. Thanks! Happy that you like it. ชาวต่างชาติ = ฝรั่ง?? ฟังนี้ครั้งแรก... I have a Thai dictionary that I use to help me write. I know I get a lot of things wrong, but I'm trying. Speaking of things that are wrong... WhiteLotus?? ทำไมผู้หญิงไทยขอเงินตลอดเวลา?? ไม่เป็นนักจิตวิทยา..... ถ้าอยากบ่นกระปอดกระแปดต้องจ่ายเงินMarkด้วย
  5. Hey, I missed that Firefox was already mentioned. And you do command lines in linux? rather daunting for me. I'm running a dual boot Ubuntu now, because Korea is IE crazy. No IE, no internet (not that simple, but when the technician comes to set it up, he will never have seen linux or apple OS. guaranteed.) If y'all haven't played with linux, give it a try. Latest releases are easy and fun to play around with. Get it here: Ubuntu... Click the Orange button!
  6. Hi Usa, Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday Polly! Take care na!

  8. I could "be without" all of those -- I do have most of them, though. The top two for me aren't on the list. 1. Firefox, from Mozilla. I won't touch Internet Exploder anymore. --1a. NoScript extension for Firefox --1b. AdBlockPlus extension for Firefox 2. ZoneAlarm from ZoneLabs. In my opinion, the best free firewall on the market. Prevention being better than cure, avast should never have to find a virus or a "3 hour long trojan horse," whatever that is, if you use your computer more defensively.
  9. you have time to complain... you can't be that busy
  10. Happy birthday Pattera. Take care na!

  11. Happy birthday Som! Take care na!

  12. Happy birthday Kwan! I hope you had a great day today

  13. Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day today

  14. Hi Parichaya! Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day

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