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  1. ถอดแม่มาเลย ^^
  2. Hello Aom,

    just got online to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you are doing all well and you had a good day day so far. I am in Cambodia, so I cannot congratulate you personally. Pity that. Have a good time nevertheless.



  3. Happy Birthday Aom.

  4. Hi Aom,

    Thanks for your message. I'm fine too tks.

    HAve a lovely birthday tomorrow. My best wishes for you.


  5. Sawasdee ka, Manuel ^^ i'm fine thanks & u?

    long time no see...everything ok with you right?

  6. hi Aom,

    Long time not being here. Hope you are ok. kisses

  7. where is princess's photo ja :)

  8. welcome back to thailand ja ^^ i wish u have a great trip again

  9. I'm fine thanks.

    Just leaving for the airport. Flying to Bangkok tonight. Then on to Samui.

  10. 55555555555 yes......how are u? :)

  11. Aom...You are obviously spending too much time on those games. LOL

  12. hi aom.........im shakeer from malaysia.....im in bangkok for 3 weeks as im working with sharp.....feeling really bored if was wondering you would be interested in going out.....just as friends i mean........can go for movie, dinner, clubbing.......call me if interested 0843294947

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