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  1. hi , long time no see but nice to see u here. Anyway have a great day

  2. Thats the result of the "Redshirts". Also here in Hua Hin, the hotels, the beaches totaly empty.
  3. You will wonder: I took a lot of time to find a good fare flying BKK - Frankfurt. For fun i went into a local travel office: I paid 26.000 Baht for a return ticket with etihad. No internet offer had that good price.
  4. Hope, Thai TV will broadcast it soon too
  5. How do you know? Wouldt never change with BKK. And why come 1000nds of BKKers overhere every weekend?
  6. pluggy

    Who should we thank?

    Dondt understand......
  7. Only to compare: For a quite good house 2 sleeping rooms, 2 bathrooms, with a small, nice garden in Hua Hin you pay about 15.000 Baht a month.
  8. pluggy

    Cherry Blossoms!

    Was there too.....only one word: fantastic
  9. pluggy


    Best time for fishing - they told me - is in the morning. Bet bazza will never catch a fish, i mean such for baking and cooking....
  10. I dondt care for if a man like me has a g-point or not. I only enjoy the g-point of a woman and know how to do she goes off like a rocket.
  11. Where do all the english teacher come from to teach that every second word in a dialog must be ****?
  12. Dondt tell my real age.....but I can say...the so called medical scientists are totaly wrong
  13. If red-shirts or yellow-shirts, they must be so stupid because they dondt take care about the welfare of their own country. Last time the tourism has decreased up to 50 %. Now the tourists are comming normal, but only until now. The most goverments - i know it exactly about the German goverment - have given out travelling warnings, not to fly to BKK from the 12th of March on. Happy Thailand
  14. I must add something: By cars and traffic 100.000nds of people die every year worldwide. But nobody is thinking about to prohibt the use of automobils. BUT NUCLEAR POWER-STATIONS ARE SO DANGEROUS!!!!!
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