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  1. Soda girl.....Logic would indicate that you are better off staying where you are. Your current boss is a known quantity. If your new boss really was a fair guy, he would be willing to pay more for a more demanding person. Stay where you are and ask your current boss for more responsibility or to learn new skills. Or, just be happy to have a job that you have mastered and is not too stressful, and spend your leisure time enjoying your music and your social life. That is the logic. Now as far as following your heart, you have to decide what is in your heart. Make your best decision at
  2. friendlyCat

    Funny TF circles

    just remember, don't give the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. I thought that you were in love with Bangkok?
  4. friendlyCat

    Being mistress

    oh Faye, I think that this is really about a young lady who works as a university professor and on obtaining her Phd........
  5. change of clothes.....T also stands for trouble.
  6. I sense a new TF theme party in the making....
  7. friendlyCat

    Please forgive me

    tell her that you are celebrating her birthday on North American time and then you are not late.
  8. I really like to colors on the third picture. thanks.
  9. friendlyCat

    Isaan Baan Hao

    OK, now Soda, time for your own Isaan dancing video. I will guess at the translation: We are all brothers under the sun.
  10. friendlyCat

    Scars SOS !!!

    yes vitamin e oil,...... best to buy the capsules and cut it open as it loses potency when exposed to oxygen. also the juice from an aloe vera plant works well.
  11. friendlyCat

    Another day in BKK

    I hope that you found a toilet. Note to self, do not pass the potato chip bag to AAA and take it back without carefully checking the contents.
  12. nice pics. The new Native American Museum is really worth a look as well.
  13. friendlyCat

    My Home Town

    You are going out of town to Alabama?
  14. probably cheaper for you to sign up for a language school and educational visa.....
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