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  1. You are lucky! Some ended up with broken hearts and shattered dreams haha and others just like the pain...Cheers!
  2. I know what u mean! I experienced online romance this morning...was looking at the ipod Nano on the Apple website..ohhhhhhhhhh im in lurrrrrrrrrrve!
  3. Damn! consider urself lucky.u get pecked by a bird...there was once i was almost kissed by a "bird with a pecker"...
  4. Reality is time spent away from the NET...
  5. Artfuldaze

    nightmare !!!

    That dream means that somehow you are reluctant to go..for one reason or another : P
  6. Yeah! Old wife said.."You're drunk again u [email protected]@rd!" then throws a pot and hit ya head..u wake u the next morning and there it is...Muahahaha
  7. Yeah ZOuk huh...well had an experience once..one jug of Long Island Teas too many..i spent the nite at a Corner of Zouk (more like the roadside) and it sure wasnt Cozy!
  8. Artfuldaze


    Nong Pik!! My heartiest congratulations to both u and Pete.
  9. I like something poetic.."Fire of my loins.." 5555
  10. If I can accurately tell the world what Love is, I'd definitely win the Nobel Prize...and yeah i'd kick Professor Stephen Hawking's ass all the way into the Black Hole!
  11. I'm just 2 hrs away....damn my life is tougher than yours mate! haha have a good one.
  12. Artfuldaze

    Porpor is such a liar

    I can simply say there are 3 major fundamental mistakes here: Mistake # 1 : Girl writes journal abt cheating BF Mistake # 2 : Guy writes journal abt cheating GF Mistake # 3 : Me reading the journals Muahahaha
  13. Artfuldaze

    LSP part II

    Psstt Beer..remember this rule..when u hunt..sometimes the Hunter can be the one who is hurt more and the hunted just run away free. Careful yeah!
  14. Artfuldaze

    Bitch girl!

    Jay..haha "ittykay is atchingway. ustmay ebay arefulcay" damn reminds me of my youth such codes.
  15. Hahaha the obligatory Bull i see! Glad you had fun mate..party on!
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