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  1. this is the same motorcycle taxi bloke who was trying to rinse cash off you before....... dont do it, he will very likely screw you over........well maybe not but pessimism is the way to go, what kind of contingency do you have... carefull or i'll be starting a stickman for chicks
  2. ahhhh the eternal battle between good and bad, we know who we want to win but really we know who always does......................when i was a bad boy, and i gotta say i was pretty bad i got smashed left right and centre..........now i'm 100% (99%) good i dont get so much as a sniff :shock: to quote frank sinattra "that's life.......that's what all the people say......"
  3. if poss, hers as i hate the staff at my place thinking i'm a low piece of dog shite in need of being scraped off thier feet.......i can live woth the ghost recon stuff because..........wait all thats in the past i'm a good boy these days
  4. absofuckingloootly...........why the hell would you take a chance on that person not being totally different once your sharing, not to mention the shoe sized apartments in bkk people often share in ................which door do you slam after an argument
  5. as people are born without virginity in bkk thats virtually impossible... ok just kidding but i dont know anyone who follows that road but if more people did there would less BS in the world
  6. if by the question in the opening thread you mean...'as appose to boys who wear make up' then i would have to say yes
  7. " soooooo, how much extra to stay long time"
  8. what does she have?????????????????????????? if its untreatable then you can be sure one day you'll get it in a drink fuelled condom free sex session, be real ,if your with her long enough then one its gonna happen
  9. Check out Bangkok fight club at the top right of soi Asoke (Opposite the eye hospital) i havnt been able to commit to train there on a regular basis, but the few times ive been there's been a good crowd there nice friendly guys at that too, Not the usual staunchos that u get at some of the Muay Thai gyms. Its prices well too, at 2,200 a month training 3nights a week Also for something different, there's a great Capoeira club just in one of the buildings connecting to BTS Chidlom. They hold an outdoors gymnastics class too last time i went it was at Lumpini park (I think now its changed to the
  10. i've been played by a few girls in bkk and i've played the game myself, the game in babgkok has more players then any online game in the world. i stopped playing as my heart pretty much broke in two last time.......................... GAME OVER........................i literally dont have sex anymore as a result, i just read forums on tf lol really it sucks but this city is played up the the maximum.... still love it though :wink:
  11. ttesta

    u know i <3 you

    ph yea...i luvvv yuuuu huuu lol
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