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  1. thats so messed up it cool .
  2. what ever happened with just leaving them a note... if this is someone that did it on more than 1 occasion, no problem...boot clamp em!
  3. maybe in due time.. they just announced GOLF and Rugby as new sports for the 2016 games. all i can say is damn .. these girls have talent...
  4. wow.. oh so true in so many ways. still waiting for my second childhood.. and wont give up my bike or cars.. ever!!!
  5. fail.. what a douche bag... and u want to keep talking to guys like this?
  6. damn... i think i was married to a girl just like that....
  7. hurry hurry.. i want to know part II
  8. wow.. great pics.. you have a gift for photography.. thats for sure.
  9. I think you husband is smart... Teach them Thai... if they want to or not. It is easy for kids at a young age to learn new languages. It is not unusual for kids in Europe to be able to speak 4-5 differnt languages anymore. If I was a better kid, i would have listened to my mom, and have been able to speak a little more thai than i do right now.
  10. only 1?
  11. yes.. and can probably do other stuff while here too...
  12. that much chocolate to rich for me to try to lick all that off... got any whipped cream???? and a cherry..
  13. throw a rock when u land in LOS... i am sure it will hit someone that is willing to celebrate ur bday.
  14. i use AVG Pro ... been good so far, but have firewalls and spybot in the background also, with uniblue running in the background for reg monitoring. Nothing is getting through without my permission.
  15. maybe someone told him that was a way of getting a cock in his pants