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  1. Love is such an empty word......it has been trodden, stomped and battered for so many years that it has become part of the 'invisible language', just like 'How are you?' "I love him/her but I can't live with him/her" - best to find out what sex they are first before you start talking about love " I love you" is an easy access route for quick personal gain.... ....nothing that is worth anything has never not been said without not having any action to nullify any non-belief ...So the next time you think you love someone, think about what you do for them and let your actions save you the breath....we don't need any uneccesary C02 in the atmosphere in these global climate times ..amen ..79
  2. ..and some are there just to be f**ked It's called 'Swinging'..........but it's not my cup of tea, I like to use the same mug...(pun intended) ...79
  3. Time flies when you are having fun, and comes to a complete standstill, when you have to actually get things done. ...and that Bangkok is like a weird magical place with pixies and fairies where time is relative and when you go back into the real world you realise that you are 500 years older and everything you once knew is showing as repeats on the Discovery Channel. ..79
  4. ...I see a new T-shirt coming on Khao San ..79
  5. Only female ducks 'quack', So a group of ducks 'quacking' together is evidence that ducks are gay. If ducks are gay, then they have probably been gay for hundreds of years. If ducks have been gay for hundreds of years then that scientifically proves that 'homosapiens' has been gay since its emergence..... ..Therefore this proves that being gay is inherent in human nature, so why be afraid? I mean the actual name 'Homosapiens' kind of gives it away anyway...maybe being 'Hetrosexual' is abnormal? Maybe the world would be a better place if everybody was gay? ..79
  6. ...replace the word 'edit...with 'shag'...and 'post' with 'ladies' ....and what you are talking about is the word "Slut" in big neon writing appearing like a hallucination in front of your eyes when you meet a woman... ...It's your 'slut radar'....everyman has one......many turn them off... ..Do you? ...79
  7. ...Size? ....That's the last thing you would be thinking on your first time out in high heels .....How do you know so much? ...I know you are a man...and you have a picture of a woman...and you are commenting on a topic made by another man wearing a wedding dress (photoshopically).....which makes it worse ..Have I stumbled into the wrong place? ...I feel like a straight tourist walking into a gay massage parlor and asking for an ice cream ..79
  8. This is definitely a WTF story. Looks like something out of a children's story book gone completely wrong. :shock: I was thinking more of something which escaped from a science lab conducting a genetic experiment. The fact that it is only stills at this stage gives rise to a hoax especially as we cannot see the whole body/carcass in one photo. ..Hahaha...that's definitely a load of bollocks Despite the news reader's inability to follow orders and "sound convincing"...which she undoubtedly tried her hardest to do. Official statement from the teenagers in the US who found the creature .."The..er...we..er..saw a thing and got scared...and..shot it ( NO Vernon we threw rocks!!)...yeah..I mean rocks....and left....and came back.....and then left for dinner....and then came back.....and then...killed it (no we'd already done that Vernon!)...oh yeah...I mean we took a Kodak and shook it.." Now that Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize......everybody thinks that anybody will believe everything......even more so ...I have a 12" penis ..79
  9. ...a beautiful example of how aid gets corrupted... ...so it's not only financial aid that has its hands all over the wrong people ...but then again.....what do you expect?...Really? ....Anything to do with peace in my mind has been warped by our modern 'material world' ....Obama.........it's over as a conversation, but Alfred Nobel is still turning in his grave... ...Nothing can surprise me know.......except maybe one day they say it's all a big hoax which started centuries ago by an elite society and that it's ALL corrupted deliberately...... ...but it would be more of a 'raised eyebrow' surprise, than a 'WTF' ..79
  10. ....just like two of the more popular pursuits on TF. ...finding a partner and cross-dressing ...as many will confirm ..79
  11. People who date on the internet are anarchists ..79
  12. ..unusual as in doesn't have an L.D.R? ..What's he doing here on TF if he's a Yank without an L.D.R? I thought they were compulsory? ..or unusual as in he doesn't go to Soi Cowboy every night he possibly can? There is a manifold of Yank variety on display currently in Bangkok, so I'd be interested to know ..79
  13. Hugo told me it means 'Long Distance Relationship'. L.D.R Thanks Hugo So popular it's got its own acronym..... ..79
  14. I like that....."Tell the truth..."...come on....don't lie ...admit it....you have a picture of Jack Zefron* on your profile and that's how you get dates. ..Ok..(stands up) my name is George and I met my girlfriend on the internet.. ...I actually feel better now... ..some people do actually look down upon internet relationships. I have a friend who both he and his girlfriend say they "can't remember" where they met. Initially I thought the worst, but when I met her i knew it was more likely the internet than soi 4. ..79
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