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  1. Has anyone got any experience with web hosting companies - bluehost.com, justhost.com for example? Can anyone recommend one? Doesn't need to be super-featured with dedicated servers or IP's just cheap and reliable preferably with UK-based customer support. Thanks
  2. Kitschiguy

    MSN Virus

    Open task manager and click the second tab 'processes' and check to see if you have any strange processes running. Just google them to find out what they are if you're not sure. If not I think this is spam - changing your login details might help. You can also change your privacy settings and only allow people on your list to contact you, this can stop you receiving the messages. You can ask your friends to do the same and see if the messages stop, at least that way you can determine whether or not its spam.
  3. Kitschiguy

    MSN Virus

    Where do you see the virus/message? Does it come in an MSN instant message or a pop up window in Windows Explorer? My guess is that it's probably a trojan, not a virus.
  4. Tell him not to look up - that thing will fill up really quickly.
  5. So, what's new? Apple has a history of vile business practices - anti-trust, vendor lock-in and piss-poor conditions for workers. A bit like most other multi-national corporations. Apple's market value didn't surpass that of Microsoft's last week by giving their factory workers and extra ten minute tea-break. How could it? The pointless Apple/Microsoft debate will rage on while the worlds mini and supercomputers operating now in excess of 1 PetaFlop are machines built with off-the-shelf components and server class CPU's running linux. Just another reason why Mac's suck.
  6. Remember to check you're travel insurance. Insurance companies don't cover for any incidents which arise whilst travelling to a country the Foreign Office has advised against travelling to. If that doesn't worry you, then I guess you've got nothing to worry about.
  7. Kitschiguy

    Windows 7

    I've been using it for a few months and I really like it. Haven't had any problems/compatibility issues, installs like a dream, software runs perfectly and it's got some nice new features. Pretty happy.
  8. Nice pics/journal - screams 'urban'. Has that guy got a 'Speak & Spell' or is an effects device made to look like one? I had one when I were a nipper..
  9. Neo - yea, I did try Computer Love, hence the title, but it didn't work - I thought it was too slow Iain - Thanks, it's easier than it looks
  10. duanja - Yes, it's sped up x5..
  11. Gav - I know what you mean. The first time I did this there was definitely a fair bit of scratching going on. Yui - Thank you cheeky AAAum - Thanks, Just a habit of mine
  12. How to build a computer in under 8 minutes (time-lapse) A video I made of me building a new PC. Computer Love from Kitschiguy on Vimeo. You can watch in Hi-Def on Vimeo.
  13. How to build a computer in under 8 minutes (time-lapse) A video I made of me building a new PC. Computer Love from Kitschiguy on Vimeo. You can watch in Hi-Def on Vimeo.
  14. Thanks for the nice comments everyone... glad you enjoyed it Have a good weekend...
  15. A video made with a few photos taken in Thailand between 2007 and 2009. Photos taken with Canon G9 and Panasonic Lumix. It's quite long - hope you make to the end.. Emily and Matt from Kitschiguy on Vimeo. You can watch it in Hi-Def on Vimeo.
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