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  1. hi, lets be friends, pls add me

    planning to visit BKK

    can i have ur Yahoo messenger

    take care

  2. thx Rob I study your new style now hahahh confused

  3. you don't look banned to me...

  4. Hi Tookkea,

    I've heard you are working in Pattaya from Arnth, and i really need help about finding a cheap and ok apartment to stay as im moving there for working next month, could you please advise me that, i can be reach at 081 583 0783 or leave me a sms i will reply you call, Pook, Thanks ka.

  5. Thank you….

    Congratulations na ja
  6. Little Feet 11

    she look great and you very good job heheheh Arisa is nice name ,I hope I will visit you soon!
  7. PiAnt - Quiet (?) BD Party

    happy B-day to Piant see you guy really had good time!
  8. After the Reds...

    R.I.P Central World....Sad!
  9. TF Parties & Events

    At March and April my friends will here in thailand too He like TF and would like to enjoy TF events !
  10. TF Parties & Events

    I wondered I just see 5 TF Events ,It's no more that?
  11. TF T-Shirts

    Look nice!
  12. Pics from TF Re-Design Party

    I saw many nipples but wondered they don't get the yellow card !!I can see Rob nipples very clearly!!!lol
  13. Never Trust Rob!!!!!!

    Admin that why I ran a way lol! and I still waiting for next free drink from him too!
  14. Here Comes the Bride...(and groom)!

    CongratulationS you both!
  15. Little Feet 6

    Congratulation !!Rob I will follow till everything is done! this So sweete