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  1. hi, lets be friends, pls add me

    planning to visit BKK

    can i have ur Yahoo messenger

    take care

  2. thx Rob I study your new style now hahahh confused

  3. you don't look banned to me...

  4. Hi Tookkea,

    I've heard you are working in Pattaya from Arnth, and i really need help about finding a cheap and ok apartment to stay as im moving there for working next month, could you please advise me that, i can be reach at 081 583 0783 or leave me a sms i will reply you call, Pook, Thanks ka.

  5. Tookkae

    Thank you….

    Congratulations na ja
  6. I just about want to know if you all having sex,you will say something positive ? do you like your couple say or just be quiet?
  7. you make me miss my first B-day party there! a lot of fun
  8. she look great and you very good job heheheh Arisa is nice name ,I hope I will visit you soon!
  9. happy B-day to Piant see you guy really had good time!
  10. R.I.P Central World....Sad!
  11. It's me I have no bf,gf,gig !just friends !
  12. Tookkae

    TF Parties & Events

    At March and April my friends will here in thailand too He like TF and would like to enjoy TF events !
  13. I wondered I just see 5 TF Events ,It's no more that?
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