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  1. Well, SweetieBabie had a pretty good list, but I think that the two best ways to tell are when someone has really short answers with no details at all. It's easier to tell a lie with fewer facts like, "I stayed home all night with my friend Bob" than it is to make up a lie about running errands and finding this but then having to do that... and then there was an accident... blah blah blah. The other one that's really telling is scratching the tip of one's nose, a dead giveaway: Blood pressure goes up when a person lies and otherwise feels anxious, angry or upset, which causes a tingling in
  2. Such a nice 'feel good' kind of video. It was like little puppies, kittens and hugs all rolled up into one!!!
  3. Khao Sarn Road Raaati!! Choose your weapon, it's on!!!
  4. LingBaah


    That song is awesome! Dudes were obviously stoned when they came up with those lyrics.
  5. This issue has recently been a topic of discussion in my office. I have a co-worker (he used to be boss) who has been battling cancer and he seemed like he was much better but then then the doctor said last week he only has a few months left to live. He wisely has chosen to take leave to enjoy the time he has left. I got a card for everyone in the office to sign, but let me tell you there's no great card to capture what you would like to say to someone with a terminal illness. I will call him next week to see if there's anything I can do for him... maybe he needs some Frequent Flyer miles
  6. That some mad skills!
  7. LingBaah


    This is a very touching journal. I think for many people (myself included) that is the one person who always cared for you the most. I'm glad she is doing better, and hope you have her around for a long time to come!
  8. LingBaah


    Holy ****! I had a card that they gave me for a full bottle that went unused from the party last month and I left it with Sweptcutie. She was planning to use it and host some friends there tonight and I was tryin to call her for the last 3 hours and I just now got through to her. She's fine, they decided to go to a house party and save the bottle for another time. I'm so thankful for that but so sad for everyone else. This is just terrible.
  9. LingBaah

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year to you!!! That video makes me wish I was still Rockin' the Mullet cut! I predict the 'business in the front, party in the rear' look will make a comeback for 2009...
  10. Sound like this is a guy who takes rejection very, very badly and then tries to get back at the person who he feels has damaged his ego. If he can't handle the lack of response to a PM I wonder what happens when he gets the full blown Heisman straight arm rejection at the nightclub! LoL I think everyone has had a least one bad PM and since we're naming some then here's my favorite, which I received for saying I did not vote for Obama and I disagreed with some of his campaign platform: "If you're an American citizen, than remember where you came from, and not to mock the USA like all these
  11. LingBaah

    Photo's of Moon

    Nice! See U Next Tuesday!!
  12. Wow! Great photos. Some of it reminds me a little of Angkor. Hope to see this for myself someday.
  13. I'm in for the Big Mango so see you guys there! :wink:
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