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  1. I heard he was Cambodian now!
  2. Or you could watch this movie.
  3. Awright Sweetie, am fae the Uk and kin help ye aw ye want wi yer English. Dinnae bother aboot they fulms, ye wulnae make any sense oot of they bawbags and wull jist end up tawkin like a erse an no a pure dead propur Britishur.
  4. StevieJR


    Stone him I say!!....oh wait, he put on free beer, free food AND didn't show up...Thats a result in my book!
  5. 'Takeover' a new release from Craig Whyte.....Not too well know outside of the UK but its fuckin frightening.
  6. The tools changed it.....never mind, i thot it was funny but ive had a few.
  7. Might have know Stramash would lower the tone by posting gifs of uniforms, big **** and headbangers.....Good man!
  8. StevieJR

    Not a compliment?

    It was probably and excuse to get out of buying you a Valentines gift....Or is that just a Scottish thing.
  9. Teddy is a changed man!....believe it or not, he's now allowed to stay out just before midnight. His missus is still a git tho!
  10. Hi m8 how they hanging?

  11. Happy birthday young man.

  12. Hi my name is Steve and i live in Ratchada Scotland. I will fly Bkk 31st November, send me you're details and i will contact you when be me in Bangkok. I have a SMALL surprise for you!

    [email protected]

  13. StevieJR


    Uncle, auntie, sister n law or what.....could you be more specific?
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