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  1. I haven't done anything wrong. (but I know where YOU are)
  2. That's only your opinion and I don't care what you think. Ghosts are real. Look at me. I still exist and there's nothing you can do....
  3. You would look good in a body bag. It would suit you. Enjoy your time at Sizzler?
  4. Was?...Used to? you sure about that? Let's meet up. I'll give you 20,000 HAHA
  5. The only good English_Bob is a dead one. PS I have not done anything wrong. I never did anything.... Literally.
  6. Lessons we have learnt...Don't **** with people on the internet because they can affect you in real life. That's for all the abuse I had to contend with over the past few months from you. You deserve it for your potty mouth and abusing others in an online forum. I never had intention to pay up - Gambling is illegal in Thailand so therefore I am under no obligation whatsoever to pay any debt of any kind. I'm glad I made you wait and wait and wait.... I'm glad you wasted your time. If you ever believed that some guy would pay money on a bet on the internet then shame on you. I'm enjoying new pla
  7. I'm going to Sony shop to buy Playstation 3 now. Reward for myself because I deserve it. posted from iphone
  8. WTF? I'm sitting on bench on the left outside sizzler Central World. No one came up to me.
  9. I"M HERE They aren't here posted from iphone
  10. Man.... I'm nearly there. I'm running late. Traffic was bad. I hope they wait for me. posted from iphone
  11. Why the taser? I'm not into kinky things ok?
  12. Leaving home now. Two hours should be plenty of time to get there. Will be postng from iphone when I get near.
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