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  1. Hello fujico

    I do like to be your friend. You can contact me at [email protected] I hope to hear from you as soon as you can.


  2. Fujico

    Was I wrong?

    >>Hmmmm Serenity now! ha! released stress now? You don't have to feel guilty about it. Cheer up.
  3. My least favorite actor....
  4. Join an event and and most likely you'll have some good company... and go home alone! :rotate:
  5. Bold and Beautiful? I thought it was an American TV soap opera...
  6. >Vancouver still makes my heart beat fast... maybe your next journal title is 'I have moved!'?? ) Nice pics.
  7. I understand that people debate about the death penalty. Some people say capital punishment is no better than murder. China is a sort of famous about disregard for human rights. But about this case, I can't complain too much. Bi polar is not an excuse to avoid the death penalty. Maybe...he could be commute death sentences to life imprisonment if he was in other country, but that would be very tough and hard for him and won't survive in the prison.
  8. Fujico

    "Generation X"

    Interesting journal. I don't think 'unhonest guy'. I would think its thoughtful because you don't want to hurt other people's feelings or appreciate the kindness. We sometimes need a white lie...if I tell the truth and hurt someone, I'd rather telling a white lie. There is a big difference between a little white lie and a big black one.
  9. Scary! sorry to hear that. Many ATM set anti-spy photo cover with the keyboard in HK nowadays. We live in dangerous times...sigh
  10. ack! I know, I know! "You do not like me??'' :P
  11. That's really annoying! But...your journal is very funny!
  12. Yes, it has been a long time! Very nice colors...beautiful! About #8 pic, Is the girl a stranger or your friend? focus on what is most important...her make up?!
  13. Very nice! Merry Xmas! ;-)
  14. Fujico

    Christmas in town!

    Sashadog2323: He can't be your guide because he is in Japan.
  15. Fujico

    Christmas in town!

    Naut.Sirius: Thanks! Many people say Hong kong is like mini-Vancouver. ) Now SweetieBabie, Karnie, Sashadog2323 and you want to come to HK. I guess I am ready to be a tour guide.
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