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  1. Because I am a good friend and boyfriend, I didn't look at the hoy. Well I looked but didn't touch.
  2. My iPhone works if you see this comment. iPhone 3g. How you like me now Washira?
  3. WanderingKev


    Sorry for your loss Khanitta.
  4. Happy birthday again. You were so mao, it was perfect. John is a fine bartender! Thanks for inviting us and then leaving us at the end. Lol
  5. WanderingKev

    Need help!

    ºéÒ¹à ÃèÒ¹ÀÒÉÒä·Âä´éÃÂÙèáÅǤÃѺ The way to register is click the view "View all candidates" button under the youtube video Find Deester by clicking on the º 12th from the left and she should be the first you see. After clicking on her, you can register under her profile by clicking "No account register here". After that, you will receive an email which contains a link to click and validate. If you don't see it check your junk mail that is where mine ended up. Finally your vote will go through. Anyways doing ok sis, still dealing with the broken arm thing. But other than that good. Maybe we will see you around some day soon.
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    Need help!

    Yeah you gotta register and activate then your vote counts.
  7. WanderingKev

    Need help!

    Ok voted for you birthday sis. If you win you gotta buy me an icy cold beer to celebrate. Congrats now you have 2 votes!
  8. WanderingKev

    For Ada

    Very nice tribute Babe. RIP Ada.
  9. WanderingKev


    Combine the two and be a nursing student.
  10. Check out this site for people baiting the scammers...Quite amusing! http://www.419eater.com/
  11. Happy Birthday and Happy Independence day! Hey Ghee maybe we should ask Belgian King Leopold II how many Congolese he had killed? Or, maybe how many the were killed by the Belgian SS Division in WWII? Can't we have one day with no America bashing. Its quite funny how no other country but the US seems to have ever done anything wrong. Just one freaking day show a little respect for our history as we do yours. Not everything the US does is, has or most likely will be perfect, but we as a people do try and do our best. My rant is over.
  12. Nice commentary and pics Giles. It was just like being there without the having to wakeup early and sweat part. Good job. Congrats to all that did the walk, and to Ghee on his new place.
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