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  1. It was nice hanging out with you here in the big apple Rob. Hopefully I will get to see you once I'm back to Thailand this summer.
  2. PosH

    no foie gras, pls

    Love love love Foie Gras!!! But then again I'm part French ... They probably didn't know how to cook it properly, P' Kus. Come visit and I will cook the best one for you
  3. Wifey ... Miss me?

  4. P' Nicky .. You have to be very careful with this one specially when you are often alone in the house. I don't know if you have the same home security system as what we have here in the US that if someone break into the house it will automatically alert the security company and they will call you at that moment and if no one answer they will send over the police. Hopefully you will be able to sort this out without making the matter worse ... Crazy people do crazy things ..
  5. Good luck sweetie!!
  6. Ha! I do ... Cant see me living anywhere else either. But with the crappy weather we having now. I wouldn't mind being where you were on your little trips as well :*
  7. I didnt know that someone could have 2 layers of muffin top!!! ... I envy you! Wish I'm somewhere warm and don't have to deal with brown snow in the city right now
  8. Mum, Mason and a bunch of close friends plus you as well P'Kus.
  9. PosH


    With all the money he has ... He should have hired a better lier ...
  10. Welcome to NY Let me know if you need any help with anything.
  11. Hahaha Zeus ... I f*cking love ya! No one can put it better than you do. Anyway been here almost 15 years ... Contact me for any question, info or a night out in " the city ". Ignore them loser don't say anything back and act like you don't understand whatever he was saying ... The real NewYorkers which very rare to find one are nice ... They usually work Mon - Fri and leave the city as soon as they could to the Hamptons , Berkshire , Maine or Upstate and come back late Sun ... Those cranky miserable souls you will often find everywhere in the city are mostly from Joisey, Long island, Stat
  12. PosH

    A Mean Girl

    Was it because he is wearing a red shirt
  13. PosH

    Only in France

    Could you pls carry a bottle of Martini Bianco with you from the dutyfree ?
  14. I think iPhone might be best for you, May I got both as my iPhone is the phone I use outside of the US ( DTac and German T-Mobile ) and my BB is working as my organizer and my US number. Blackberry was created with business use in mind. I got 4 different email accounts that all easy to work with and organize with BlackBerry plus I could use BBM with my colleagues, family and friends all over the world for free. Which sometime easier than email and text. The iPhone has more storage, a faster CPU and more RAM. All great attributes for playing games and all the apps ... While I'm back in the U
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