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  1. Bikinis are awesome, my missus looks sexy in her bikini, so sexy infact i cant wait to get it off her lol
  2. Either that or the picture of you on my windscreen, it seems to keep children and animals away aswell as protecting me from harmful spirits.
  3. I have a VW Caddy actually, i have this because i am running my own business and i had to sell my BMW to get the extra money needed for this venture.
  4. I have only met one decent Thai cop, he was the local police man in my missus' home town. The BKK Police seem to dislike me for some reason.
  5. And where did you get this job because i would like to send my CV asap.
  6. In the past i have had hot hatches and performance cars but at the moment i have a small van. Although its very cheap to run and comfortable, i miss putting my right foot down and disappearing while some idiot is tailgating.
  7. Do Thai people adopt or foster like alot of UK families do?
  8. I would of thought the Thai police have better things to do than bust teenage Thai kids. The only time they ever speak to me is when they ask for a donation to the police mans fund while they check my license and tell me i was speeding even though its virtually impossible arond the Suk road area.
  9. good work Sherlock !!! Thankyou, it taken many years but i have finally figured her out.
  10. Instead of jumping in, can you not test the waters instead? maybe a bit of flirting? or small talk?
  11. I thought Thai women liked the idea of a family unit and having children. My missus wants a baby i think, i know this because firstly i am very intelligent and know exactly what she's thinking and secondly she said "i want a baby".
  12. if you dont know what it is then look it up.
  13. i see you looked up sarcasm, well done you seem to be grasping the english language very well
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