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  1. Best Vienna Schnitzel in whole Thailand at K-Hotel, Patong Beach, Soi Witthayu..never give up..
  2. Hi Kus,

    anything on your mind for 11th and 12th ?



  3. damdeedamdeedam, heck you are right..deleted it right away. Have been absent here for too long..to be honest - I miss a few people but you will get more info soon.



  4. Hi Kus,

    I hope that you are all well. I would like to inform you, that I will marry in Bangkok, Bang Rak on November 11 this year, so 11.11.11.

    As I haven´t been online to TF for quite a while, here´s my e-mail adress:

    [email protected]

    Then I would like to invite you and few others for that special day to join us. We will be few persons only, but it would be nice to meet you then.

    I will not announce this here, as this would not be my style. So please keep it as a lil secret. Have a good time - hope to hear from you.



  5. Hello Aom,

    just got online to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you are doing all well and you had a good day day so far. I am in Cambodia, so I cannot congratulate you personally. Pity that. Have a good time nevertheless.



  6. I do appreciate the thai way, when children support their parents. These are traditions and values, which tend to get lost. So anybody critisizing you as being "weird" to do so, is degenerated and poor - off, as this person might not have had a good time with his family himself. You don´t necessarily have to live under the same roof, but maybe nearby and be able to help. No need to be ashamed about living under one roof.. My mum lives on 1st floor of our house and I live on ground floor in separate flats. My sis, my nephew and I help her in many aspects of daily life and this is the way it s
  7. Sir, do you need some glasses ? Or you should have told him, that until yesterday, they were three times bigger.
  8. Pity I could not be there. I saw him play here at the monsters concert in Karlsruhe, Germany in July 1978, when I was 14 years old..he was followed by Chicago and Rory Gallagher as well as Thin Lizzy, who were openers. That was a treat..
  9. Damnam1

    HAPPY !!!!

    Guess that wont help. They are all gay in that business..
  10. Welcome to TF.. I have been into photography since the age of 18, ah well that is long time ago. I still own my old analog Nik F series and Canon A bodies and the load of lenses. I have gotten back to taking digital pictures after health reasons forced me to limit my diving adventures. Recently I bought my Nik D700 body and a full range of Nik lenses, flash, filters etc. and it really hit me again. The annoying thing behind digital photography is, that you need to invest a s**tload of equipment such as fast PC,mobile notebook and all the software and time, time, time...to work out the picture
  11. Hello Gee, good to hear, that you do something about it. In recent years I have seen more and more restaurants in Thailand displaying to their customers that they do not use any MSG but biologically produced ingredients. Best wishes - Ray
  12. I thought she´d swallow in the end..
  13. Hey, mate, there are lots of 70 up to 80 year old guys from all over the world travelling to BKK..lots of former GIs stay at Nana Hotel and they still love to meet their girlies fromtheir Vietnam rest&recreation 36 years ago and celebrate the good old days..of course these birds have turned sixty and are beyond their prime, lol.. In the 90´s Mekhong whisky was famous for causing impaired vision. Of course I cherish my own german fruit brandy, as I come from the fruit-growing regions along the river Rhein near the black forest. But good eau-de-vies are hard to get and five or six Saeng So
  14. about food in Vietnam - I got my worst food poisoning ever in one of the most sophisticated restos in Saigon..the lobster I chose for dinner is probably still alive, because that one was for show only. It took me four days to get back to life again. Never happened to me in 29 stays in Thailand.. The best vietnamese food I ever tried was last November in Chiang Mai. One of the former bosses of Thai Airways is running a real cosy vietnamese resto there.
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