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  1. Oh my goodness, God I never know that a romantic man like ya can still ever exist in this cold world of lust and deceit, i was just checking outs on this site when i accidentally come across yours and i must confess what i saw here really captivate my heart and soul and i must confess to ya now that i dont think i can ever survive another day if a day can pass by without telling ya the way i felt for ya and that was why i'm writing ya this as a pieces of my mind of which i can't just continue to conceal.. I Will like to know more about ya, Hope to hear from ya soon. Please ya can always know me more by dropping yr email address so we can be writing each other through here.... iThink iM in Luff.

  2. :) Hi Peter, thanks for your vote. Your job is so important - one of my primary school classmates died a few years back in a navy diving accident while on the job (it was also in our Singapore local news), so I know how crucial taking care of divers are! It's a matter of life and death! Have a nice day ya...
  3. i am sure you are a girl :-) ops sorry, you dont like that, woman i mean :-)
  4. go with Japamerican on that !!!!
  5. VLADIMIR PUTTIN ????? didnt know he is a member here ;-)
  6. watching Glenn Beck after one year break from watching FOX !!! I NEED HELP NOW......
  7. fontok

    Visa Run To Laos

    yup, this great journal did make my sunday!!! at least until the liverpool-chelsea game ;-)
  8. fontok


    WEIRD !!!!
  9. fontok


    whos wet ?????
  10. fontok


    oooooooooooooooooh, good to know, so dont need to wait and wait and wait ;-)
  11. they better cancel the game here next year, BANG KOCK DANGEROUS !!!!
  12. i am fontok, but in real i am mister B ;-)
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