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  1. STB

    Hallo Schat !

    Nee, ze heeft het tegen mij, haha
  2. Well Jay, We sure had a chicken overdose that evening/night/morning, haha. Next time we def. have to bring more pork/beef
  3. STB

    only dutch readers

    Sterkte met het verwerken van je verdriet. Ik ben pas mijn moeder verloren en weet hoe hard het is. Hou je taai
  4. STB

    August 20

    5555555 The neverending story continues... I gotta take a subscription on this one, lol
  5. Well, the only constant in life in change, so why bother with someone who looks like your ex? And why dating somebody who reminds you of somebody else? Still not over it? For me: No
  6. Just use a high factor, 50+ (In Australia it's hard to get anything below that I've been told, due to the hole in the ozone layer), and don't forget to reapply on a regular bases. Don't forget the lame cheap brands you can buy in the market. One of the components of a good sunscreen is titanium oxide, which reflects the sunlight. It's pretty expensive, so there's very little in cheap sunscreen.
  7. STB

    My GF voted 100 for me

    She's soooo sweet
  8. STB

    My GF voted 100 for me

    She's soooo sweet
  9. To determine if you're a straight- or safety razor type, please read the following: If you would rather wind your watch than stand in line at the drugstore for a new battery - You might be a straight razor guy If the yellow pages of your phone book are all worn out and dog-eared from calling in professionals for every household chore - You might be a safety razor guy. If the clock on your VCR has been blinking at you since 1978 - You might be a straight razor guy. If you get every minute of extra sleep you can, then jump up and rush through dressing for work - You might be a safety razor guy.
  10. Welcome back. Nice pics
  11. Me problem same same. Me Dutch, and English difficult for us too. No g's and other funny sounds in English, very anoying.
  12. I don't think this subject is gonna attract much girls...
  13. The second law of motion. I love the feeling of acceleration on my bike The feeling for breaking down when some braindead cager doesn't yield is different....
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