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  1. The font of the standard written is too small and too pale so it's really hard to see and read, also I don't like the display on the computer screen which is only half of it. Those are the only things I don't like about the new version.
  2. You both looked Great! Congratulations...
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    You won't be thinking of eating and doing anything else when you're depressed, trust me.
  4. You should've talked it through with your bf about this problem rather than sending his mom an email, because you're the one whose having a relationship with him not to his mom. Basically, you're not married to his son yet, so I think his mom can still do anything she wants to his son. Now, it is up to your bf whether he lets his mom control him and tried to match making to another girl or stick being with you and respect your feelings by telling his mom that this is your relationship and stop interfering.
  5. I've been reading this journal since part 1 and this part 3 just hilarious! Now I'm curious what Miss Angela is going to say about your letter, lol.
  6. You look gorgeous!! and once again Congratulations for you both.
  7. Congratulations!!
  8. Welcome to Brisbane! Some of the guys already recommended which places to go. Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are definitely the places I would suggest along with Australia Zoo, Glass House Mountain, don't forget to hop on the City Cat so you can have a look around Brisbane River, The Conrad Casino. Just let me know if you ever want to meet up and have a great time in Brissie!
  9. Looks beautiful there..
  10. I know how it feels, the first few months was the most hardest thing I had to cope with as you missed all those things you used to. Just find something that makes you feel excited and fun because I know staying at home all day will be bored as hell. Maybe you can find some thai friends over there and have a get together, usually talking to someone in your own language will ease some of the homesickness. While for food I prefer to cook my own but in the end I'm kind of use to the taste of bland food over here now.
  11. If the girl is a close friend of yours, I think you should let her know but if she's not, none of your business.
  12. Great looking place..
  13. I told my family that I met my partner from Internet when I was going to introduce him to them, then they asked me what Internet is? I don't see anything wrong with you saying that you met him from the Internet. Are you afraid that they won't like him or are you scare of feeling embarrassed if they laughed at you? :?:
  14. Hi there, you will need Visa on Arrival about 25USD, I think. Once you arrived at the Airport you will see a VoA counter before the immigration section. Jakarta is a very hectic, bad traffic jam, hot and polluted city. I would advise you to take busway as a public transportation since it's traffic free or take a taxy but make sure you choose Blue Bird. An average hotel will cost you around USD25-40. For the must place to see, I don't really have a place to recommend because Jakarta it's not a touristy place. You should go outside Jakarta to see lots of interesting places.
  15. Thanks...this is a very helpful, and inspiring to read. You should post more of your personal experience on this, as you have lived through it. Thanks Cosmo, I try to share my experience with people but like you said this are personal ones and sometimes I like to keep it to myself. I'm not here to show off about my past LDR but I just want to let people know that if you're not ready for LDR, doesn't have the intention to have one, or you have doubts about it/your partner you better think again. Most of all you and your partner needs to support each other and understand that there is a distanc
  16. Based on experience, all I can say is if you really believe in your relationship and your partner, what anyone else said doesn't matter anymore. My parents, family, friends were all criticizing me why would I want to be in an LDR (not that I wanted to have one at the time) and especially with a foreigner, then move to a country where I've never been to and doesn't one anyone there. People have different experiences and most experiences are not the same, each of them are unique. Opinions and critics were something I have to deal with during the LDR and sometimes I've had a hard time taking the
  17. I was in an LDR for about a year, we've been flying here and there a few times to spend time with each other. Then my partner and I discussed about the idea of me coming to Australia for 3 months. So I went there to see how my partner's life really is. Met his family, friends, workmates and the community he's involved with. I need to make sure that the relationship I was in is real and he is exactly like what he told me. The 3 months time was up and after much consideration and thinking I decided that I want to relocate to aussie and we got engaged. So I went back home and stayed for about 6 m
  18. Love the photos!!! I'm having a hard time to decide which one to vote, will be back again later for sure :wink:
  19. Great photos once again...
  20. Some women buy a new dress, handbags or shoes every so often are just to show off to another woman. As simple as that. My old shoes are broken, my old dress too tight, my old handbags no longer fits with the whole thing I carried, are just one of the minor excuses.
  21. Congratulations, doctor!
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    Happy Birthday, Triple A!
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    Im Leaving

    Have a great holiday...
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