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  1. Too busy facebooking and instagramming..
  2. i shall be downloading!!
  3. how can i get my ipod classic (and itunes for that matter) to display thai fonts?? i've googled it already but couldn't find a suitable reply!! :evil: :shock: :x
  4. impressive!!
  5. stegee

    Save BBC 6 Music!!

    although i could just as easily download that from radio 2
  6. stegee

    Save BBC 6 Music!!

    the only podcast i download is john richardson!! great comedy!!
  7. are we allowed to guess if we weren't at the event?? i'll go for 2540 baht. 2 thousands 5 hundreds and 2 twenties.. folded into thirds and held together by a paper clip!! did i win??
  8. guillame's gameplay strategy is all wrong!! he's never going to get a high score playing single and double lines!!
  9. stegee


    i was lucky enough to buy four 40 baht lottery tickets for only 220 baht!! :{D
  10. bye bye frog!!
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