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  1. Lmao! I'd rather think about sex than the dentist. Is that a bad thing?
  2. You are so ******* emo! Lol I loooove you.
  3. LMAO!!! You look cute in that video Raati
  4. Great posts pee marc, its good to finally see someone with some insight on the changing norms in sexual behavior among modern middle class thais
  5. Its sometimes been said that Thai girls that have a relationship with a farang will never go back to dating Thai guys. Do you think this is true? Why or why not?
  6. What, sexism on TF? (Get back in the kitchen, who taught you women how to use a computer anyways?)
  7. Since your wife is beautiful, why not get her pregnant and then send her over my way. And then I'll let you know if I think she's worth a shag or not.
  8. Lighten up, hunnibun. You are bitching about it cause there are no boobies picture here but a bunch of guys tellin' which hand they use to wank, right!?! Nope, left actually, but I refuse to be drawn into it. Nice try. Damn. (I can rectify the lack of boobie pics in an instant.) Amazing, we have something in common!
  9. This actually makes sense. I once read on the internet about some guy that used to masturbate by sticking his hand in the freezer beforehand so that his nerves would go numb, and then it would feel like someone else was giving him a handjob. Can't say i've ever tried this though.
  10. I already got the ball rolling. I always use my left hand, though i'm right handed. Don't ask why, cuz i have no idea. Oh and 99% of males and around 70% of females masturbate.
  11. I've tried pretty much everything, but LSD is and always will be my favorite.
  12. Cut your **** off right now! It will stop the HIV spreading to the rest of your body!
  13. Ya know what, YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE A POINT!!! I guess all you need is a dark, dark room and lots of alcohol, and you could have the sexual experience of a porn star. Why didn't I think of this before?
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