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  2. Thanks for joining the Travelers Group! Hope you have a nice time at TF and for sure also at our group!

  3. love hard to find. but Christ live forever
  4. love hard to find. but Christ live forever
  5. Very funny picture....ah yes, that is one brave cat!!!




  6. wonderful day today. weather is beautiful

  7. hello dear how are you over there?,my name is Jerry ,i was searching thruogh this noble social site network and i find your profile interested,and it motivated me to write to you.i will like to know about you and i will like to have your email idd for personal and easy contact,looking forward to hear from you

  8. Being a christian is not about a religious. It is about having personal relationship with God. it is not about how many times u go to church or if u raise in church or not that make u a christian. It about a personnel decision that u make God(jesus) the Lord and savior of your life. and When a person want to repent and ask God to come to his heart and forgive his sins God wil wash away all the sins and a person can start life over again. (that 's why this is call a born again christian.) YOU, GOD, CREATED EVERYTHING,AND IT IS FOR YOUR PLEASURE THAT THEY EXIST AND WERE CREATED. REVELATION 4: 11 NLT
  9. sorry to about yr cat . wht a cute cat and loving nature. it is cruel for someone to this thing. May be God had sending u this little angle cat for a time to keep each other company and to be happy together. just think about all the good time u all had together. think of the good side now that he wont be miserable anymore in this temporary evil world. he is in better place call heaven. Who ever kill this angel cat will hv to live with it. and god will punish evil people like this. he wont live long i'm sure. he already very sick person to do this to innocent animals. Forgiveness is what u need right now. and good memory that the lovely cat giving u is for u to treasure. take care.
  10. Hahaha those necklace look good on u
  11. Hahaha those necklace look good on u
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