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  1. A good friend of mine was working in NY at the time and that morning was the "morning after" they were all out celebrating completion of the current contract, so they were all late going to work...at the WTC... it took my mate a couple of years to recover from the shock that he felt when he realised that had they not gone out and got drunk the night before, he and all his colleagues would have been killed, and in fact many of the people he saw daily in the building had been... I was in Hong Kong at the time, having a beer at a mates place when what we thought was another disaster movie appeared on TV... I really wish that was all it had been.
  2. I duno - still sceptical but willing to be convinced... just seems too good to be true... and you know what they say about that...
  3. To produce that kind of graphics handling in real time, at that quality, requires a huge amount of processor power... in a phone??? Hmmm
  4. I am a little suspicious though - how come it matches the text size and style exactly, including the rotation of the signs (and text), and how does it manage to completely remove the original TEXT from the image and totally replace it with text in exactly the same location, and not affect the other graphics on the sign in any way... where does it get the font information from (it needs that in order to replace the typeface and font of the original), and if no connection to the internet, it must download the entire english and spanish (or whatever other) dictionary to your phone... maybe I am being cynical, but something doesnt add up...
  5. Hm...I wonder when they will port it to the Android... but its only English/Spanish at present, and I have doubts about a Thai version..not soon anyway I would think - it needs a Thai developer, as its not a straightforward translation (as anyone who has tried Google Translate can attest). Excellent looking product with a potentially huge market though!
  6. I remember seeing him on TV years ago...brilliant..he was so convincing.... maybe he WAS drunk...haha!
  7. EH??? WHAT??? Since when has ANY man ANYWHERE at ANY time in recorded history not had to PAY SOMEHOW for female company??? No way - anyone who thinks they get sex/fun/relationships for free are deluding themselves... everything costs - just the "currency" varies...! This is certainly not a Thai thing either, it is simple human nature... Having said all this, there are a few exceptions that prove the rule, so I guess its true to say there are no absolutes - luckily my lovely lady is a very independent girl and she and I do share the costs of our cohabitation, so I do count myself very fortunate. But for the most part, nothing comes for free...
  8. Happy Birthday Jerry - hope its a great year ahead!
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    Murder or Sex

  10. grezzzy_greer

    Home Fuel Cell

    Yes now all we need to do is to convince the powers that be to stop trying to use climate change as an excuse to rip off the people. The extra charges placed on electricity consumers in Australia who have PAID for their own clean generating technology, must stop. In other places there are laws to prevent individuals from "going it alone" when it comes to many of their energy needs, and this is simply there to protect the profits of large companies, to the ultimate detriment of the society and the planet... this can no longer be allowed.
  11. The last post before what....? When is the time limit, or .. oh ok... I fell for it...
  12. Great pix, and you both look very happy! All good!!!
  13. grezzzy_greer

    Home Fuel Cell

    Thanks Bruce - this is very interesting, and great for use in a cold country where heating is required. In the warmer countries like Thailand the problem is what to use the extra heat for? There is very little need for hot water, and of course no requirement at all during 90% of the year for heating, even in the northern areas. One thing I note is that the electricity generated is roughly 35%, which equates exactly to the efficiency of the power generation at a power station, plus transmission loss - but I wonderd if, at the home site, the overall 35% efficiency also takes into account the losses in the inverter, as they are typically around 85% to 95% depending on the size of the unit. On a related note, my brother in Sydney put in a government backed PE cell system at his home - the deal is that you buy this and sell electricity back to the grid - in fact you can ONLY sell it back - it is illegal to use it yourself in Australia due to ridiculous monopolistic legislation disallowing individuals (except primary producers and certain other categories) from generating their own power! The point was that my brother sells the electricity back to the utility at some reasonable amount per KwH, but then found out that the utility now CHARGES MORE per KwH than before, simply because he has a power generating system - in fact the extra charge almost totally offsets the amount he sells the PE output for per KwH...! The end result is that his electricity cost has VERY slightly decreased, but there was the not insignificant cost of his having to pay for the purchase and installation of the PE cell system in the first place - he will be making an overall loss for quite a few years longer than he expected. Maybe by the time he has covered the cost of the PE system, he will have to start replacing components anyway... what a rip-off!!!
  14. Its a good move for sure - I just find all the politco-media-buzz stuff spewing forth really quite sickening. Its an important message and it is excellent news, but the way they go on about it, then as an afterthought they add that TEN other Europpean countries have agreed to start setting up facilities in the North Sea areas nearby using basically the same technologies... Fair enough I suppose, they need to promote Scotland, and I guess the news in each of those countries is clamining similar world leader status in renewable...blah...blah... haha! The big question is this... Why were they NOT doing this 20 years ago... no wind? I dont think so... Thanks for another interesting post mate!
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    Lollipop - a lovely sweet treat you can enjoy all day...right?
  16. Asian boobs are perfect - too much is a total waste, and may sag over time...
  17. Yes the mice with human brains...all true... it MUST be... it says so on the internut....
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    I'm coming home!

    Great photos! The grey dress looks fantastic.
  19. Sadly for the human race, we so often learn our lessons the hard way; a small percentage can do nothing but wring our hands in frustration, while the money machine continues, only to be struck down in the end, all the time saying "But what happened...?" How the hell they think trading carbon allowances with undeveloped countries is going to help, I am f*cked if I know. Here we are - simple facts - Number 1 - the carbon and other greenhouse gas emmissions we are PRESENTLY creating/allowing, are screwing up the environment - Number 2 - trading carbon allowances with countries that are NOT PRESENTLY having any significant input to the greenhouse gas situation is NOT going to actually reduce the carbon levels - it merely makes some dickhead politician feel better about the amount of pollution his country produces, as he has purchased an arbitrary and imaginary "allowance" from someone else. Why are they missing the point - what we are doing NOW is affecting the globe - we need to reduce the carbon footprint of the PLANET NOW...not trade imaginary numbers while the planet goes to hell in a handbasket. They are treating it as if it was a game where they can make more money - not a life or death situation - not a simple case of doing something or watch your children die! That is the harsh reality - no joke - not kidding - do you want to kill your children, or try to make sure they can live?
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    Good advice

    The only bit that I agree with is to do what you love... it then becomes easy to study it, and a joy to do it every day!
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    I love Lollipops comment! Perfect! Anyway I guess T.I.T. and we love it the way it is.... why would you actually order the thing you want...? Haha!
  22. Champagne on top of Baileys!!! brrr Its sort of a big icy, whiskey, champagne sleeping pill.... yes a few bubbles... buuuurrrrp......hehe!
  23. Oh goodness... I guess you dont mean 7 all at the same time... OK.. wow had me wondering... Tell him to see if he can find out the other guys contact details and let them know, but also to be a bit careful how he deals with her, some women completely lose the plot when they are about to have their meal ticket taken away - understandable in a way, but still...can be dangerous...
  24. Not a big problem - I either sleep or dont sleep, but it doesnt cause me much concern. When working in Dubai, I used to fly home to BKK regularly, and I would always get the 3.15am flight, so the usual plan was to go to the business lounge, pour out a very large Baileys on the rocks - grab some food - then another large Baileys...rest till the flight called, then a welcome glass of champagne on the plane...and zonk...wake at the other end of the flight...
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