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  1. The weather is starting to change again, much quicker then I thought it would happen.  Cold weather is definitely something I’m not looking forward to.  I started pulling out all me cold weather gear the other day, just so that I could be prepared. 

    The L


     Random Happenings:

    1.  I got a iPhone on my last trip to Thailand.  Now that I have one, I don’t know how I could ever live without it.  Apparently I got one that is super-duper unlocked and I can take it anywhere in the world and have it update without worries of getting it locked.


    2.  I got back into World of Warcraft.  This time my online time is limited (by me).  I give myself 2 hours a night , to prep my characters for the new expansion.


    3.  Bodyslam is a Thai rock band.  A friend posted a music video of them a few months ago and so far I’ve been hooked.  I’m currently in the process of covering one of their songs.

    *The picture I posted has nothing to do with my entry.  I just wanted to post a picture.




  2. When I was a little kid, well even now, I used to go through my parents old stuff.  I loved finding old pictures and just old stuff in general.  When my mom passed I went through her things to find pictures, and came across all kinds of things.  I got to see her grades from when she graduated from college (I guess I wasn't the only person that sucked at math) and I had no I idea my dad graduated from Thammasat with an Econimics degree.  I found pictures of my dad playing the drums, I asked him about it and he told me that he was in a band called, "Goldfinger".  My parents were way cooler than I am now, when they were my age.

    Here is an old picture of my parents (far right) taken in the 60's before they ventured off to the US.




    I never realized this untill my mom passed, but I over heard my dad talking to his friend and said that, since they been married (40 something years) they never been seperated for more then a week.  That was shocking to me because it was true, I don't remember a time when they were away from each other. 

    If I was to ever get married I want pray that I have the same love my parents had, I hope a little rubbed off on me.

  3. I was in Canada last month with some friends.  The last time I was up in Canada I was six or seven and the only thing I could remember was that I swore that I saw Madonna in Vancouver.  Now its like this weird twilight version of the US.








    (I really like this picture; I need a caption)




    This section is

    dedicated to flowers...from Canada.








    All these pictures were taken with Canon's new 7d.  I had the chance to noodle around with the video, so I'm going to post it.  Be kind, video is all new to me.  This was shot in Eagle Rock, CA at some fusion sushi joint.



  4. When I went back home to Cali, I ended up buying a car...totally unplanned and not needed.  Why couldn't I have walked in to a fish store instead of a VW dealership.




    In other news.  I'll be back to Thailand at the end of them month for my mom's 100 day funeral thingy.  I'll be in Bangkok running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but once everything settles I'm planning on spending the rest of my time training at Tiger Muay Thai down in Phuket.  Anyone wanna come?


  5. I'm a contractor for the US Government and I'm working overseas in Afghanistan.  Since I'm a civilian, I get uber vacation benefits.  I have all the opportunity to travel anywhere I want for 21 day at a time, every 2 months - paid, plus travel expenses.  I'm only allowed 35 days to stay at home, any more then that, I get taxed up the yin-yang.  The only places I go is Thailand (because I know people and most of my family still live there) and California which is home for me.I would love for my friends to come with me but most of them are still in college or working to pay off college loans.  The only people I know that can come with me at my co-workers, which is cool, but most of them are in there 40's and have families.  I've come to understand that if I was going to travel I would go it alone, or pay for my friends...which I've done before.In other news.  I don't understand why people have to be right up on your arse when standing in a line, i.e. Passport Control Point at the airport.  I mean gosh the line isn't going to go any faster!

  6. Me and six other of my friends went out today and decided they wanted to check out what the hype is about an A-Go-Go bar, since none of them have ever been to one...including me.  After a few beer from the local Family Mart we headed out for our adventure.  We found one in the a few soi's down the street.  Racing pass all the "hello welcomes" we made it to the door - finally!  We all started to walk inside until I came the door.  A little Thai guy about 5'4 stopped me and blurted something in Thai, I normally would understand but he had a Southern accent.  I realized that he wasn't letting me in, then I asked him why.  He answered me when a this question, "where you from?"I had to stop and think about it for a second.  I'm Thai, but was born in the states...I wasn't sure what he wanted to hear, my Nationality or Ethnicity.  I went ahead and told him I was American.  He didn't believe me and started to brush me off.  I was already a little tippsy to begin with, so naturally I started to get aggressive as he got louder.At this point I'm not sure what happened but I do remember him punching me on the shoulder and one of the other bouncer/motor cycle taxi guy tried to push my with his foot (teap).  I caught it along with is shoe...which I throw down the street in a fit rage.I'm not known to be like this but I've never been discriminated against before.  I would have never thought it would happen in my Motherland and because I was Thai. ...I got the last laugh. 8p

  7. Weird I can't edit my entry.

    I promised myself that would take more pictures as part of my resolution, but it seems that my photography eye needs a jump start. To put it in a picture this is kinda like how my day was - man I'm spaced out right now.

    ...random thought.

    I don't admit to crying in movie theaters, but I do. One movie in particular: A Walk To Remember. It's a total chick flick but I wanted to see it, since one of my favorite bands (Switchfoot) was in the soundtrack and how eloquently God was show throughout the movie.

    The plot:

    Landon is the popular guy in school that does what all the cool kids do. One night he plays a prank and nearly gets someone killed. He principal punishes him by making do stuff for the school and one of the things is that he has to participate in a school play. Landon sucks at remembering lines. Landon asked Jamie for help with the play. Jamie is the good Christian girl. Landon become friends with Jamie and both eventually fall in love.

    There were several parts in the movie that caught me off guard, but the most touching part for me was when Landon show up at his dad’s house and thanks him with a hug for what he did for Jamie.

    You really have to see the movie to understand…of course.

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