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  1. poolshark

    Hua Hin Golf!

    Best Shot was on "Golden Tee" wasnt it?? ............
  2. hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix_qz6oomb8 NOT ONLY THAIS
  3. poolshark

    TF Downtime

    aha...was wondering for a few weeks... I thought that I am one of the last 20 active members
  4. See you later, Steve
  5. poolshark

    NEW TF

    never change a winning team... I dislike..
  6. poolshark

    New TF

    I agree 100%!!!
  7. I need an (internet)address in BKK where I can buy trophys for my pool league. Any Ideas :?: :idea: :?: Thank you
  8. Hey Dr. Jan is in ????
  9. Try to come over with 4-8 players and we use a nice matchformat with 8&9 ball And hopefully someone likes a fight at the golden tee ))))) CU Andy
  10. This pictures let me feel better here in Hua Hin no snow here but also cold feeling like 10° at night!!!
  11. First one in my bar today :cry: But my staff changes it in another shop :arrow: (I dont like it, but I dont know :!: :!: :!: )
  12. What are you worry about, acctualy.. someone will get your white (fat) a-- hurt ??? Im sorry for you with what happened in my country and get you difficult. May be time to pack your bag ?? by the way, when you fly back home take Karnie with you. OK, Karnie can come with me (and maybe I have a fat red As.. Who wants to know :?: :?: (But anyway this S.hit is not good for any business in this season, for sure!!) OPEN your eyes, there is something wrong :!: :!:
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