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  1. truly lovely pictures. I'll come and visit you one day.
  2. you need to party faster now, as you are getting older quicker.
  3. here too what's going on???
  4. Wanna go and watch it again?
  5. Have a great one !!!
  6. i4God

    Little Feet #1

    Congratulations Rob.
  7. Very nice pictures indeed. How did you set your camera? Or is it Photoshoped?
  8. @Tonia: Yes, of course they were, and used again, recycled @Nigel: you called me when we just left the park. @May: Ann was there as well?
  9. i4God

    Halloween Pics

    Hehe - thanks for sharing na. Put them up in FB too mate.
  10. Thank you Tangkwaa for the nice pictures. Good luck to you and all the best in the US.
  11. c u soon again bro ! Don't miss me too much
  12. I am sure we'll have lots of fun
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