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  1. There's definitely much less interest in anal in Asia. I know a few peeps that like it or are OK with it, but they're quite the exception. Even still, I would imagine that only 20% of American girls enjoy it (this not a statistic, just a guess), and another 10-20% might just tolerate it for their partner's enjoyment. Ya, Thais are more conservative in general. I wouldn't talk about this with most of my Thai friends. Actually, this most might even get flagged. Me personally, I don't like having to take a shower RIGHT after sex, which is kinda what anal sex demands. A little cuddling and to
  2. OMG, just use the thing!! I've met more than a few Thai women (and some American ones, to be honest) that were totally scared and uninterested in the things. But seriously, every girl who's tried it, loves it. Don't be afraid, and learn to enjoy something that you've never experienced.
  3. Beautiful pics of the ladies... although the photos of me are pretty scary... ¹èÒà ¡ÅÕ´
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