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  1. you were talking in German lor? How can I understand la? Toma : Stay in Hotel/Serviced apartment. good then you don't need to clean up FYI. I have some contract with some hotel around that area, not sure if i can help. All : I know 3 places in Sukhumvit 50, around Onnut BTS. 1. GOLDEN HOUSE, my friend is staying at there. She told me she paid around 8,500 - 8,700 THB / monthly including water and electricity but contract is 6 months. I think it is quite expensive. 2. C - ONE, it will be available one room at the end of this month. It's 4,500THB / month. Electricity 7
  2. Ok then give me a hit once you come back.
  3. Thank you, Friend. I know some TFer are really nice in person even we never talked or contacted on TF like You, George, Stevie, Barbie_doll, Shamu, Puriku, JCapricorn and the others. For Admin, I know he is nice friend as we contacted for a while. I never expected that they are gonna really nice to me but they are. I always appreciate to meet nice friends like you all.
  4. Well, it is ok if I want to take but the problem is if I don't want to take but you want to get!!
  5. See? That is what I meant, I've seen and I've heard. It is not the objective to set any event but Yeah! it can be happened but not all the time of all TFers not only Thai girls. My point is why don't they say that "I want to have sex with you" then you don't need to set or join any event. Let's go directly for what you want!!" Is it not easier? because set / join the event or not, you will try or want to drag someone off to bed anyway.
  6. Believe and Trust are different of each other. If you want to believe who you love or who loves you, go ahead! But you cannot trust them at all.
  7. What do you expect to meet TFers in person in the first time? Sometime I really wondered what is TFers's minds. So let's share, what do you have in mind?
  8. Looks really nice na. Go ahead to the next step, gal.
  9. Toma : Well, they would charge you more than normal price of long contract. Mostly apartments will need a signed contract at least 6 months. Let's say if 5000THB / month / contract 6 months then if Zappa will be here for 3 months, the apartment will ask for 7000THB / month / contract 3 months... Admin : it's the right question. Zappa : you should let us know it then we will able to help you to check it out.
  10. now that's scary; the European loony left liberal being agreed with by the gun toting hillbilly right winger!!!! :wink: :shock: On a topic that involves abortion, prisons, AND the death penalty! DAMN THOSE DEATH PENALTIES!!! (though puzzled as to where the abortion comes into it) Well, if they do kill her right now, they are aborting her baby at the same time... I feel really bad of the news.
  11. Best explanation I've heard yet. well Admin,remember? I am a teacher... I did not answer the question yet..... for me I think it very important to give a man you love BJ.....most of men like it and you may happy to see your man happy .....if you can I know some women dont like it and feel like she is being sex slave...... there is a way to give your man BJ without Jawlock ,hurt ,breath problem.... you have to know this 1. your tougue postion 2. breath control 3.your teeth ... I will not go into details a Mod or Admin will ban me how do i know this??? I read alots .... see guy who say I kn
  12. Oh Ho! Don't write me by those kind of msg, please. LOL
  13. haha, I get it! he said sucks... :roll: Some girls have a boyfriend, some don't... just sayin. Blowjob? Oh my god. What are you talking about? I don't know what it isss... :twisted:
  14. Yes but not on Tuesday night. My friend was there on that night. She felt badly boring.
  15. WOW, so jealous!!!! Make new one quickly na... I am interested in Transformer2 and Terminator. We'll see how fun it is.
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