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  1. bkk_maniac

    HOW SAD...

    to Loburt: no im not in the area devastaed by the earthquak, but my father`s side is from Sichuan,we have plenty of relatives and friends living there, some we already got in touch , few that we havnt yes i have read the same reports on how people were feeling angry when they see no sign of resue team after being under the ashes for more than 72 hours, but as soon as they r digged out and saw the high ways, railways, bridges, roads blocked by rocks or damaged , they understoodwhy it took the rescue team so long , so i can tell you its not because the neglect or lack of help from government yes, there are lots of questions need to be raised on the "why"S and"if"s to our government ,and during the past events like SARS or Tibet problems, theres cover ups or inefficiency and yes i do agree with you that lots need to be done here to prevent future disasters, but right now the hard works being done to save lifes and rebuild by our government, i have never been more proud of our people ,government,soldiers, they r really doing all they can to help
  2. bkk_maniac

    HOW SAD...

    i cant deny that we have lots of corrupted companies, officials,contractors,even government in china but i totally disagree that this Earthquake is a""" man-made disaster""", what kind of bullshit is this???? i can tell u right now in china, i feel no anger among us, we only feel grief for those who died and lost their family, and we feel very grateful to our government for being so efficient so far in rescusing the people. i noticed that lots of western government ,media or people love to criticize on our government, i thank all of u for paying so much attention to us and giving" suggestions" , but right now, while people r still bleeding, crying,looking for their family members here , please save ur speech on how to improve corruption,but to at least show some sympathy
  3. bkk_maniac

    HOW SAD...

    To erictaymans:its true theress dozens of corrupted contractors in china, but even in shanghai , all the buildings r built on the standard of resistance to 7th degree earthquake, so the collapse of the houses in Sichuan has not much to do with the contractor but the power of earthquake!!! as a chinese myself i feel very sad our people r suffering from this disaster, and also sad that some people still will make stupid comments on this subject
  4. hey ,anybody who work in resort hotel in thailand here? would like to know how did you make those scented cold towels u offer to guest upon arrival? thanx! cheers
  5. i`d like to say i can cook,i can iron,but mayb if i say I Have a Twin sister,this would get me a date much faster ! :roll:
  6. ive had the exact same pain for same reason before,,,,unbearable! get well soon May! u still look very cute even in the hospital uniform
  7. I miss those buckets
  8. in this case, i guess Japanese are completely mute on the topic of Sex :wink:
  9. i understand that farangs love to know more about Thai culture,Thai people,Thai tradition,but why some farang keeps asking question on same Sex-ralated topic :roll: and if you really want to get answers the best way is to get a real life there, have some real local friends and blend in the local society they seem to b the perfect macth to each other, hey Frank_Stein mayb u can get all ur question answered from that "gal "
  10. i once told my friend theres some girls who has no self respect and find it more exciting to fool around with married guys or guys in relationship, and my friend didnt believe me,,,im definately going to show her what Mia_smiley said! That is exactly why TF is NOT a good place to find gigs, some people are just not discreet enough,asking the girl how to approach her bf or sending the same message to lots of guys isnt the best way ,Mia_Smiley!
  11. haha happy chinese new year..i just watched dozens of firework outside the window ,now it smells like battle filed here cheers
  12. bkk_maniac

    Happy CNY

    Gong Xi Fa Cai ...Wheres my Hong Bao???hahha have a very lucky and happy golden pig year! enjoy ur vacation with parents
  13. GOOD ONE, now i will never forget how to spell mississippi!
  14. "Shanghai " its not an adjective,but it does describe me very well
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