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  1. ling I just back to check tf For club , u still use this to fine real Love ha ha ha

  2. TOT was never good, but in the past 3 months i have noticed it becoming dramatically more shite than before. disconnects 4 times and hour (on a good day). DNS servers constantly unresponsive... youtube can NEVER stream... forget about skype. I have already switched my shop over to CAT, which i can only hope is better because it is twice as expensive. anyone else out there experiencing this? Because i have a hard time believing that it can just be KRabi. -RIlinJuH!
  3. If you or anyone you know would like to have the upcoming season (or perhaps longer) in the Krabi beach area, our guesthouse is looking for reception and kitchen staff. The wage is better than average. The job is really easy. Insurance, food, and housing is provided as well. If the person who takes the job is really good, there will be upcoming management positions as well, as we intend to expand after this season. Of course, this would mean more money and stuff. Let me know! Thanks Bry
  4. wow, long one, i wanted to know what happened in the end with the state trooper.... if i remember correctly.. those @ssholes don't really care if you have been drinking. They just assume you have been... then search the car for drugs after you pass all the tests. -RIlinJuH!
  5. wow, i am pretty sure that i would never be able to get near that place, on foot or otherwise... let alone pop wheelies on the edge. Ahhhh! [email protected]
  6. I too have tired of the "banter" but yet i still participate... a lot I would like to meet more of the people, and i think that the parties are a great idea. One day... one day -RiLINJuH!
  7. rilly

    Sad Month

    Nice Words ChangNoi.... I never met either of these guys, but they seemed to be genuinely kind people, sad to see them go... even though they were strangers to me
  8. check out Engrish.com for more stuff too. hilarious (mostly Japanese) stuff on there
  9. i saw a food cart for "One Ton Noodles" in Penang, Malaysia. I don't know how to put photos on here, or i would. because i have many Engrish examples... lets start a forum! -RiLInjuH!
  10. rilly

    My girl

    she is cute. those type of dogs always like to sleep on their backs -RilinJuH!
  11. rilly

    High Tide Heels :)

    someone alert Doc Sassy... some shoes she probably doesn't have already ...... finally -RiLinJUH!
  12. rilly

    Last night in reality

    This belongs in the forums where we can properly quote the bejesus out of eachother and flame like crazy! -RILInjuH!
  13. i miss snow-skiing sometimes, but i will never miss the cold. well maybe that is not true... fireplaces and bonfires rock [email protected]!
  14. rilly

    Shark attack

    funny how no one in the boat seems very scared. must be one of those "shark tours" -RILINJuH!
  15. rilly

    lightning seeds anyone??

    i gotta make it to one of these parties. -Bry!
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