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  1. Looking forward to having you here in Bangkok !
  2. I have been to this festival from the first time they had it. This year I saw 16 films , 5555 I like "The 1000 Euros Generation" from Italy. A comedy which was quite fun. Another comedy I like is "Run If You Can" from Germany. But I would say the best movies this year are, "When We Leave" from Germany and "Forbidden Fruit" from Finland. When We Leave is a movie about a Turkish woman ran away from a husband and the consequences she had to face as being a Muslim. It is so real and it is happening everyday. Forbidden Fruit is a movie about Two 18 year old girls who was tempted by the world out
  3. As a Thai person having attended a Thai leading private school, I would say the Thai educational system has had a serious problem for a very long time. First of all, the Thai educators needs to change their mindset, which is apparently - not easy. Teachers need to encourage more discussion in class - which causes more preparation for the teachers ! And who needs that with low wages. So many aspects to cover. Actually, when I had to take GRE and GMAT as part of my application for a scholarship overseas, I thought I wasn't gonna pass them. The reason was that the tests required critical thinki
  4. Now I don't feel so bad about stuffing socks in my bra 555555
  5. NoiBKK

    Wat Arun Photography Day

    I'd replied your email and then I thought I should have posted the same question on the board as well, ok? Women have no patience, didn't you know that??? :-p Who are going to come, raise your hand ! The weather hasn't been on our side for a few days now. Should we have a second plan in case it rains ? Admin-it's your job to think about it na ka...... I think I'll wait until tomorrow. Geez I was looking forward to this trip but the WEATHER !!!!! 5555
  6. NoiBKK

    Wat Arun Photography Day

    Admin hasn't replied my question yet? Are we going or not ????????????
  7. NoiBKK

    Wat Arun Photography Day

    We will be meeting at Saphan Taksin BTS , right ? Which exit ? I don't familier with the station. How do I know who is our beloved Admin and other TFers? Hope the weather is good though- please keep our fingers crossed ! Looking forward to seeing you all. Noi
  8. :evil: But NoiBKK said 'just you and me' so I asked her where are somebody else (including bert thongchai )? I'm reluctant now. I'd like to go to Travel Fair at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. Sunday Sept 5 will be the last day and I'm not free. The only free day for me is Saturday. Bird, Could I have the rain check? BTW, I'm not a guy, I'm a female.
  9. Ja... So I will bring some DVDs for p'bigKus, too... chai mai? Up to u, but 6 pm is not fine with me :-( . How about Zeus, Karnie (and Si6) my neighbors ? What time they gonna be there ? 6 pm is not fine for me too. How about half way ? 15.00 for you and me ?????
  10. NoiBKK

    Wat Arun Photography Day

    Since I've never been to Wat Arun, I guess this is a great opportunity for me to have a nice guided tour by farang na ka, ehehehhe
  11. Ja... So I will bring some DVDs for p'bigKus, too... chai mai? Love to go for movie discussion too. But since the host is a smoker, I think I'll pass. I don't want to coz Bird to stop smoking for me, eheheheh
  12. Sunee, >your voice so sexy like the original Rod Stuart < No, the original is sung by 'Van Morrison' - a lot better than Rod.
  13. NoiBKK

    Why Women Cry

    Prince, So God must be a woman then...
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