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  1. KhunEd

    Birthday Event Pics

    Was a very good seeing you again Zappa, and of course friends from TF as well.... Glad i could make !!
  2. KhunEd


    Some people have to much time on their hands...... haha...... enjoyed the show !
  3. KhunEd

    i'm so proud

    looks like fun., can anyone join in Jump ?
  4. KhunEd

    My apologies

    Wow ! be proud of who you are, not worry about how others think you should be....... !
  5. Crop Circles come from Outer Space....... everyone knows that ???
  6. Happy Birthday Fred ( Papa )...... Good health and happiness stay with you each day....
  7. if there is no physical attraction between, it is possible, but rare.
  8. KhunEd

    "Triple filter?"

    Gossip can hurt , be careful what you say to others...... they may turn and " gossip " about you ......
  9. KhunEd

    Nicky got married!!!

    I wish the happy couple all the goodness in life and many smiles too....... Congratulations !!
  10. It was a nice time with everyone, but i arrived a day late and missed all the kissing.....lol Good Time with good people !!!
  11. KhunEd

    :: that was too hot!

    My first post to your journal, so hope it heals soon ( your burn )...... Be Careful ...... : )
  12. KhunEd

    Recipe for Love

    2 pt. Singha ( chilled ) Re-fresh as needed 1 lazy afternoon 1 loving woman ( hot or mild ) Blend together slowly until the afternoon has changed to a beautiful sunset, add a touch of music of your choice for atmosphere. And there you have it a Romantic Time with someone you love.... Enjoy !!
  13. KhunEd

    All The Right Moves

    Thanks for the laugh, very funny.....
  14. KhunEd

    Mount and Do

    Funny stuff......."hard on in a can"........What happens if your girlfriend gets a hold of it , wait i mean is, what if swallows some........? hehehe....... never mind....5555555 !
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