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  1. well i am on here,but not that much

  2. thought nobody i know still on here anymore :P

  3. i girly berry her really much!!!!
  4. DVD are pretty ugly if you want to watch it on a 1080 full HD mode(full screen).Only a blu ray disc will be able to fully give you the perfect picture that your HD tv allow you to have.The first time i saw toy story 3 on blu ray i was like Wahoooooooo!!!!
  5. Sapan lek and klong tom have pirated blu-ray 25 GB for 150 to 200 baht.you can also buy the 50 gb 3D disc for 250 baht. You can also buy legit blu ray on ebay for 15-20 $. The best blu ray i bought so far are the dark knight,the matrix, and the departed.
  6. Education and manner are a bless,not a given.
  7. hi Nico Nice to see you at the party last month too.. :P

  8. My family is not her,right? so unless she said that she did for for PTP(and i know she didn't)you are wrong.
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