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  1. "South Africa’s Gini coefficient—the best-known measure of inequality, in which 0 is the most equal and 1 the least—was 0.63 in 2009. In 1993 it was 0.59. After 18 years of full democracy, South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world." its more unequal now than in 93, so exploitation is up, rape is up, murder is up, car jacking up, on average people are worse off financially, across the board besides an even smaller elite than under the old way. so less official racism, but unofficially its much worse. typical of the left wing pc crowd, racism is worse than increases in murder and rape, its ok that white farmers are murdered, things are less racist, its ok that "Sexual violence against minors older than the age of infancy is also extremely prevalent in South Africa. According to the Medical Research Council,[32] more than one in four minors experience physical violence at home daily or weekly and more than one third of girls have experienced sexual violence before the age of 18. Its study also states that by 2009, 40% of all victims who reported rape to the police were under 18 and 15% were under 12 years old." and "A significant contributing factor for the escalation in child abuse is the widespread myth in HIV ravaged South Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure a man of AIDS.[30] This virgin cleansing myth exists in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.[31] The child abusers are often relatives of their victims and are at times their fathers or providers." i am sure its the white south Africans that are doing that right? "In post-apartheid South Africa, unemployment has been extremely high as the country has struggled with many changes. While many blacks have risen to middle or upper classes, the overall unemployment rate of blacks worsened between 1994 and 2003.[41] Poverty among whites, previously rare, increased.[42] In addition, the current government has struggled to achieve the monetary and fiscal discipline to ensure both redistribution of wealth and economic growth. Since the ANC-led government took power, the United Nations Human Development Index of South Africa has fallen, while it was steadily rising until the mid-1990s.[43] Some may be attributed to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the failure of the government to take steps to address it in the early years.[44]" under segregation and European rule things were better, that is a fact, more racism isnt as bad as more aids, more baby rape to cure aids, more murders, more poverty, both black n white, so who is better off ? and in what way?
  2. jeez, i dont know, the hookers might charge more if you want to spank um,,, but gfs, sure, smack them up, god thinks its ok, so it is, probably, I would say try it out with different people see what happens might be fun,
  3. "• Domestic discipline is not spanking. A domestic discpline relationship begins when a couple decides that one partner will maintain a leadership role. For us, this means a married couple with the husband in that role. We also believe that DD means that the "head" will utlize discipline when necessary. What form that discipline will take is determined by each couple. Most couples who use domestic discipline will include spanking, but some do not. • At this website, we believe that the Bible neither requires OR forbids corporal correction of wives. Numerous Bible passages, however, refer to wifely submission, and in an historical context it is logical to assume that everyone would have understood that occasionally this submission might be reinforced with corporal punishment. " funny thing is, these people are more authentic Christians then the people who use that term these days, but still, they are crazy as ****, it seems
  4. http://www.christiandd.com/ great articles why you need to spank your wife n stuff,
  5. Who cares

    What Do You Think ????

    ohhh i thought it was oral sex vs vaginal sex, oops
  6. the jews of today have zero to do with jews of the bible, those jews make up like 5% of the jewish population, the whiter, more european jews, actually came to that religion in the 13th century i do believe,
  7. just got a spectralis. traded my andromeda a6 for it,,,, look them up
  8. vnv nation - furthest star anyone else into , i guess u would call future pop or industrial?
  9. psychopath bible - by dr. Chris Hyatt very fun read! the second 100 pages blew me away. beyond good and evil and the anti-christ - Nietzsche great! really got me thinking,, love this guy he is great. he has proper views on Christianity! quantum psychology - Robert Anton Wilson. great as well really explained reality tunnels, and the maybe logic might is right - Ragnar Redbreard this book was just wow!. this gut makes Nietzsche look a bleeding heart.... this guy takes to the extreme,, his critique of religion is spot on,, as is his views on government, statesmen and women,,, this book is great,, read it if u can find it,, i assume u will have to buy it.
  10. wow i can tell from the top 10 that lots of old guys voted, most of those albums are garbage. all these people did was vote for albums they think the should vote for,, i dont know any one who listens to any album in the top 10 . very rare for any one under 35 to listen to a beatles album. oh and u2 makes me wanna puke
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