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  1. I'm seriously addicted to FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!
  2. CIA_Andie

    Veggie Fest.

    I'm in Phuket now and the food here are so cheap! I can get pad-mee for 15 baht, good...cheap...and fill my stomach! But I won't do it for 10 days 'cause I'm not a veggie person! hahaha
  3. It was super great to see you again ja!!!
  4. I actually have 99 apps....too many? Or do you have more?
  5. CIA_Andie


  6. CIA_Andie

    a ticking clock

    will keep that in my prayers, bro!
  7. Oh gosh! my pic!!!! hahaha....thanks! It was good to see everyone again after a very long time. See you again soon!
  8. You are in the CIA? Shouldn't that be a secret? LOL!

  9. I totally agree!!!! I have to say that I was like that but right now, learning how to stand up for myself for the right thing and learn to say no to people sometimes is not a bad thing. It's better to do something we're comfortable to do than do it and not feeling good about it. Thai people just do too much of เกรงใจ!!!
  10. CIA_Andie has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 30%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  11. I will be there for sure to take some good pictures of the costumes hehe.....see you there!
  12. ¾Õè˹Öè§ÃéÃ§à ¾Å§à ¾ÃÒÃà ËÃ×ù¡Ñ¹¹Ãà ¹ÕèÂ
  13. B for sure!
  14. love this! Welcome back ka P'Mark!!! Hope to see you soon.
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