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  1. Hi

    My name is Francesco and i am an italian engineer moved in bkk in march...would u become my friend?

    Hope to see u soon


  2. sawadee krap lek, wanted to drop in to say hello. very pretty faces. would like to chat sometime if ur interested. take care :)

    1. 55555


      Don't think so ur married with two young kids **** she want do with u for ur bald old and poor

  3. very beautiful woman :), kisses from america :)

  4. Just saying hello, interesting profile and lovely pix you have. I sure hope y'all are recovering better there. My best wishes to you and yours.


  5. What's the nicest beach you have been to?

  6. I have seen your picthres and you seem wonderful

  7. Y ho! Mr.M_nt_l?

  8. hey hey hey ... ho !

  9. Hi, and have a great Friday

  10. Hi Lek,


    You have such a cute smile in your pics, I'd be very glad to make your acquaintance!

    Best regards,


  11. good morning leknoi how are you today?

  12. Nice to meet you Sao Surin... take good care nakhap!

  13. hi lovely ;;ad me to your yahoo love;;[email protected];;kissxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. was just browsing and saw you. watsup?

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