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  1. Eye Hea = µÒà ËÕÂà (No meaning) I hear = ©Ñ¹¿Ñ§ÃÂÙè - Self-explanatory I here = ©Ñ¹·Õè¹×é - Self-explanatory (needs verb to be) or (©Ñ¹ÃÂÙè·Õè¹Õé ), "I am here". Eye hee a = µÒÎÕÃà - No meaning (I think) unless with "Ë", not "ÃŽ" Just answer the question peen-arse, sorry p'ant
  2. hehe how rude But on what part do you agree? Old black guys being the worse... CRACKER, CRACKER ASS CRACKER stuff like that or what? I think what Cocoabrother is trying to say is that where you come from isn't really the same as some places in the US or more worse South Africa. ...I guess I agree with " I love black people... but I hate niggers"
  3. From what I can tell 99% of you have never served or entered into a situation where such action is required. YOU ARE LIKE A BUNCH OF ******* SWIMMING EXPERTS WHO NEVER JUMPED IN A ******* POOL
  4. who the **** are you to to dis peoples belief systems boy!!!
  5. Is it now a cultural norm or just a bunch of sluts (male and female) trying to be clever?
  6. I think Blackwater do a sterling job with the utmost professionalism. The direct hit rate of Blackwater employees is higher than that of U.S. troops so based on that they do a better job. WAR BLACKWATER
  7. eye hea i hear i here eye hee a how ever its bloody spelt, what is the exact translation and what what context and situations can it be used
  8. u know that this will never happen, right? you get rid of the guns people will throw rocks. We're just glorified apes after all............ wait .....apes don't have wars :shock: Yes they do. Saw a documentary a couple of years ago that showed different groups of chimpanzees organizing and fighting each other. And killing each other. Those Chimpanzees also cannibalised the body of the young ape they tore away from the family of the other ape group as I recall. Close as they might be to us, I don't believe those apes had conscious thought about their actions. They also use simple tools by
  9. that is such bullshit. just cause you failed doesn;t make it a rule for the rest of us :roll: Go and marry a hooker then fly boy
  10. if you marry a bkk farang there is a fair chance you wil
  11. mmmmm, i am sure no farang would ever contemplate marrying a hooker
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