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  1. Is it now a cultural norm or just a bunch of sluts (male and female) trying to be clever?
  2. eye hea i hear i here eye hee a how ever its bloody spelt, what is the exact translation and what what context and situations can it be used
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A18K7OM7tWA&feature=related
  4. To all at TF, you kinda get me through tough times. Happy trolling. And remember... A condom is for life, not just Christmas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yErhglOXIxM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltiY-BqvOIU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2vIQ4cRgp0 Love to all.....even you.
  5. valetudo


    Does this shite certificate actually mean jack ****?????? Some of the guys who are calling themselves teachers these days in LOS are the last guys I want "teaching", (I use that word broadly) my kids.
  6. This is the author of see no evil and sleeping with the devil. He is my fave. Who is yours
  7. This is for my yankie brothers out there. Can anyone tell me Barak's stance on support for Israel from the USA. I ask as he is milking the Iraq thing yet the most damaging aspect of the US's middle eastern policy is the support for Israel but I can't find any vids of Barak chatting about.
  8. Blokes pretending to be birds on TF. Keep it coming, its hilarious
  9. Krap or Krab? Mak, maak, mahk ?? poot or pood???? pen or bpen (as in mai pen rai) sawaSdee krap/b or sawadee krap/b joob or joop
  10. isn't this as bad as calling a black guy ****** or a vietnamese gook?? I like the word but it's used like it isn't swearing when i'm sure it is.
  11. Chris Rock on racism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu83agSl5XM I was born in Handworth UK so I kinda agree with him.
  12. I don't know if anyone here has had this happen to them. Something happened to today in this vein and after I asked a black mate if he thought I had been discriminated against. He laughed and said it's impossible to be racist to white people. Your thoughts.
  13. I have been a fan of Silva since he beat Eugene Jackson back at the Valetudo championships. He is a little battle weary and also the rule change ( and poss a more controlled roid tessting system) have shown Pride guys to underperform. As Silva's main weapons come from modified MT coupled with the inability to use knees on the ground and no stomps along with added elbows ( not that Chuck is an elbow man but not training them opens up problems... it's been 4 years since Silva had an elbows match)...............OMG I can't believe I am gonna say this. Yes Chuck just lost to Jardine which was shocking but it wasn't the kind of beating people don't recover from. Silva has been kayoed VERY badly twice and if memory serves me is 4 and 4 in his last 8.....I hope sooooo much Silva pulls this off and it's really a 50% chance but that run in a blast style which has served him so well will play into Chucks game of counters. Yes Chuck lost to Rampage and Silva beat Rampage 2wice but mmaths doesn't work. Other wise Hulk Hogan is better than Fedor on that score. **** who will win. I hope Silva but I see him running into a shot and being stopped. The variable I can't comment on is..... Iif training at Xtreme Couture has improved Wandy's defence. WAR SILVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKIMphZSfaw Good luck to both men.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that there are a large number of 'Walter Mitty' characters in the EFL world and beyond in LOS ? You know people who used to be astronauts before they decided to teach ! Or ones who have been close personal friends of Hollywood Stars and Royalty ! I worked with a guy in Sathorn who claimed to be a friend of Mick Jagger. Another guy was ex-SAS and another ex-Delta Force and yet they still lacked class room management skills. We all know BKK is a magnet for bullshit but come on!!!! By the way for those who don't know about Walter Mitty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Mitty
  15. I heard this for the first time the other day, a friend accused his mate of it. It is easy to see the meaning and it got me thinking. If a guy (Farang for the sake of TF stats) travelled to Thailand, got a dodgy ESL qualification thought he was a teacher and spent most weekends and many week days at the obvious spots banging hookers...... Would that make him a *****-mongerer?? Of course it would. So if a chick only dates farang guys (white if available) and spends her weekends at the obvious farang spots around town and MAYBE spends an unhealthy amout of time trying to date only farang men.......... ............. ............. Would this make her a Farang mongerer????????? over to you
  16. valetudo

    mr wolf

    does anyone fancy playing what's the time mr wolf?? Its good for teaching times to survival level
  17. How many partners is too many sexual partners your partner could have before you think '****, thats loads!!' Now my estimations could be wrong ... but I think I have had between 200 and 250... it's so easy to lose count after 60 or so. I think I would be ok if she only had up to 90 or so but over 100 is pushing it. So how many is too many???? Any guys who's "teeraks" work in Asok and most surrounding sois on a night shift are very welcomed. T
  18. Last Monday I was minding my own business when something (God I assume) completely changed my life in 10 seconds and and gave me a spirituality I can't describe.................. anyone else with a story like that?
  19. Is my girl who I met in Nana Plaza -- but who doesn't work there and was just visiting a friend -- cheating on me?
  20. valetudo

    Marry a Farang

    actually khun ed for every happy marriage there are 2 divorces
  21. valetudo

    Marry a Farang

    i found that very funny and typical of thai women who find farang exciting, dump a 13 year relationship, fuckkkk
  22. Whlist trawling up and down TF I noticed some pretty harsh '**** off old man' type statements and face old perv, you are too old. I was shocked by this as some of TF's best posters (no names) are older guys and I really think LOS is 'reletively' age dis free.....what's up. By the way at 33 I hope to **** I ain't 'old'
  23. I saw something on here about taking ya missus to Pattaya. Why the hell would that place be good for taking the missus??
  24. valetudo


    not together romantic like........... but Saudi made me ready
  25. valetudo


    Thankx for all answers. monet aint all. Now i am ready for love and kids
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