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  1. doraemi


    ^^ Happy Birthday 2U ^^
  2. doraemi

    Angels and demons anyone?

    Just seen it few hour ago at The Mall Bangkapi.....good one
  3. Suan Benjasiri .......it kinda strict time schedule... 5 - 8 p.m. during the evening....weekday ka (Member 40 baht/year) and paid each time visit 15 baht. It is required ID card, 1inch photo x 2, and the medical check paper. (For the medical check paper, the staff advice to get it in soi sukhumvit 24, only cost 40 baht)
  4. à »ç¹ÊѵÇì»ÃÃËÅÒ´ä´é»èà ´ÙËÒÂÒ¡´Õ ÃÔÃÔ ¤ÇäèÒá¡è¡ÒÃÃÑ¡ÉÒ¶¹Ø¶¹ÃÃ
  5. doraemi

    Love Online?

    I'm one of those crazy person.....Fortunate my love online created the excellent result though ^^
  6. doraemi

    Sirikit Park

    Cute pic ^^ the last one ka ^^
  7. Buon Compleano...uncle joe ^^
  8. "Love's flown across the sky to unite us, Binding our two true hearts as one.".......Actually it sounds... Miracle of Love ^^ I like this song ka...... just now....i've heard the full song.
  9. Past memory always......be there....at least we can smile & feel happy whenever we think about it again
  10. AGE is just a number ;P I like Older, Mature man.
  11. vaffanculo her.....allora grazie hehehe
  12. Go to Mailbox service and just ask for EMS service :-) Anyway I've never sent through EMS....... Only used UPS oversea service "Thailand >> Italy" 0.5 kg- 1kg with the specific box size cost me 3,000 baht :-(
  13. One nice site http://www.bangkokpatio.com or u can search here more on sukhumvit rd. http://www.kobayashi.co.th/Thaigo/sukhumvit/sukhumvit.htm hopefully.....this could help :-) some info. in thai & english
  14. doraemi

    Too drama?!?

    Different people....Different idea...Drama is a part of everyone life. Someone just show it off sincerely in profile...or Someone just keep it as your own privacy.
  15. Another Nice one...really nice "Lima coco resort" http://www.limacoco.com I went there last year......Quiet, Romantic...&...wonderful beach. Anyway Enjoy your trip naka :wink:
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