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  1. Nave

    Is It True?

    áËà ¤Ø³âÅÀ
  2. Nave

    Is It True?

    That's what I heard since last year ja! but my company decided to give 4 days off. Haven't decided where to go yet wa'
  3. Just wondering if a girl wanna come up with a similar screen name, what would it be ??
  4. Nave

    Tan line, again...

    I just leave it like that and I don't mind being condemned. Love my tan lines.. Love getting tanned !! because I'm so damn yellow without the sunlight and I look sick. And I find that whitening stuff is a big poppular scam! It just sucks your money out of your pocket when you just learn that it's actually gonna get better ...but it takes a while at least that's for my skin. and yours doesn't look bad at all !! it actually looks better than some speedo line on some European men !!
  5. Nave

    My momma 2

    love her flexibility
  6. ¤ÇÒÃÊÇÂÃѹ¡ÅºµÃËÒ¡ ÃÂèÒä´éá¤ÃìÊ×èÃ
  7. Nave


    @ Pranburi 'Us' BQ by Navie Navie by BQ @ Ploenwarn
  8. Nave


    @ Pranburi 'Us' BQ by Navie Navie by BQ @ Ploenwarn
  9. ah well..... live and learn baby...
  10. Nave

    pretty busy week

    Vita Berry ???
  11. Nave

    seriously irritated !!!

    He was here
  12. Nave

    seriously irritated !!!

    slap slap kiss kiss
  13. Nave

    seriously irritated !!!

    Well...I love confrontation..and if you know me you would know that I do love that ...but its very entertaining when hearing someone say '****..i don't like this..and i dont wanna be here' but they are still here ! thats my whole point and by the way..that is not only for farangs....I meant some Thais as well... I still insist..pathetic !!!!
  14. Nave

    seriously irritated !!!

    well..in this case I am talking about those who just complain because they want to complain because they don't like the country and they don't want to be here but have to be here when actually they don't have to be here. I think there is a huge difference between complaints because you care and complaints because you don't like it and don't care. I can't imagine how one's life can be so pathetic !!
  15. Nave

    seriously irritated !!!

    If I had all the money..I would pay them to leave !!! Some complaints are very silly like... 'I hate your government..lots of corruption', 'why so many ppl celebrate Chinese new year...and business is closed', 'you guys are really aggressive on Songkran..i hate that white powder on me', 'buffalo in Bangkok??? soo uncivilized' idiots
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