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  1. Complicated Monday

    Feel like my body still not set for Monday lol. at work, I felt tired but when I'm home, oh I completely awake !!! Hope tomorrow will be better and I will get energy back soon.
  2. I decided to drop here and hope to know some new friends to talk. been long long time that I haven't come back here. ^^ just wanna say hello to everyone
  3. Boring Saturday...

  4. Boring Saturday...

    it could be a boring Saturday night for me.. hope I can find a movie to see..... maybe Friends with Benefits is good choice? or just stay home and get some sleep... so tired from travel around Bkk all day.. traffic is very bad... errrr
  5. Boring Saturday...

    it could be a boring Saturday night for me.. hope I can find a movie to see..... maybe Friends with Benefits is good choice? or just stay home and get some sleep... so tired from travel around Bkk all day.. traffic is very bad... errrr
  6. ัyes, I keep smiling everyday for myself and for everyone. thanks for your message.

  7. Keep smiling my friend! Have a great week!

  8. Good feeling

    I believe if everyone in the world try to do just little bit good thing each day. This world will look much better. Dogs, cats and other animal they can't go to resturant to buy some food, can't go to clinic when them sick and can't tell anyone what they like or don't like. Oh and they can't go dancing in the party lol.. Human are so lucky that seems we can do everything we want..I think that's a good reason why we should take care animal who live in the same world with us. Then you will never forget the good feeling you feel inside.. Believe me.
  9. Good feeling

    Today I want to share some good feeling to you all. It's been 2 months now that me and my friends keep visit the beach at Koh larn. To relax and get fresh air is the main reason but another reason it is, we also help some beach dogs there. I never have pet and never take care of animal but when we saw them the first time they look really bad and need help. The skin so ugly and bad smell and they are so skinny. Everytime we go there we will bring some food such as can fish, rice and dog food for them. My friend did the research about medicine to help them.. until 1 month ago that was the first time we tried that medicine.. oh wow that medicine work so well. I visit them again last weekend and they look almost normal. When the dogs saw me and my friends walking on the beach, they recognise us..they run so fast to us.. run around us and make noise like they are very happy.. and also waving their tail... maybe this is normal for many people but for me it's amazing. I can't tell you exactly how I feel but feel very glad and proud inside. The one last thing I want to tell you all, you might can not help every animals around you.. but if you have a chance.. although it's a little chance, please do it. many things we can do for them to help them. The reward is not money but it's the feeling you get. Thanks for spending your time to read my story.
  10. Question

    I am here today to ask you guys a question... if anyone know please suggest me.. I usually torrent files from Bitthailand.com but this website usually have file in thai language.. sometime I want to torrent the series, game show, talk show, songs,...etc which is speak English. so, if someone know the safe and good website for torrent, could you please suggest me? Thanks so much for all of your help.
  11. lazy on the island

    I went to Koh sichang again on August. Everything still same, people still very nice to me and also nice view over there. I climb up on the hill to see the buddha footprint. Can't believe a chubby girl like me walk that far lol. I just had lazy and happy life there. And also the homeless cats around the resturant are so cute. I feed them everyday with can fish or some other food. Seem I left all the trouble in Bkk... seem I forgot everything when I gone for a trip. That make me feel sad when I have to go back and face the real life. Nothing I could complain but sometimes that make me feel tired. Don't know if anybody here feel same me?
  12. want some suggestion

    What will you do? if you found out your bf still keep contact with his ex gf. He said both of them are friend but my friend found out they have sex sometimes.One of my friend found that for a while but she keep quiet doing as nothing happen but it's disturb her mind. Her bf still treat her good when he's with her. She don't want to make the fire in the relationship. Should she keep quiet like this? or do something? I don't know what should I suggest her. maybe some people should share oppinion here.
  13. Koh Si Chang Paradise...

    Just want to share some good things in my trip at Koh Si Chang. It's not far from Bangkok everyone could come so easy. Before I go there I thought that island might look same as other island I visit before like Phuket, Koh tao, Samui.. but... it's completely different. The first thing that impressed me it is how beautiful of that island and how nice of local people there. Most of the time on the road have no car, you could see only some motorcycle but not many. It's so quiet and good to relax !!. People are so kind and helpful if you really want to see the original thai life style.. just visit this island !! and what's amazing it is.. it's no crime at all so, you could walk at night without worry about anything.. exept the ghost lol. I went to some other island before but never feels like this.. I feels like here is my 2nd home and I looking forward to visit there again sometimes. What I wonder it is.. how that island can keep all the natural and life style. Maybe cause not many travellor visit there and make there crazy.. Something surprise me it is.. I can't believe it's so close to Pattaya but it's look different from Pattaya like heaven and hell. Well, maybe it's paradise for me cause that's what I am looking for...I need to run away from all the crazy places.. and I think I found that place now.. but if you really like some noise, bar and club.. I guess Pattaya is better for you.. well, I just want to let you all know how much I love this place and this is my lastest trip for this year.. If anyone wants to share about some other good places.. don't hesitate to share with me.. maybe my next trip is gonna be some place you introduce !!!
  14. feel worst...

    Anyone have good idea to make yourself relax? well, I don't want to explain what happened but right now I really feel worst and seems it's get along with me pretty long.. Thanks
  15. When the protest is gonna finish?

    I've keep watching news everyday and feel so sad about what happening in Thailand...I don't know how to make it finish but I really dont want to see Thai kill Thai like it happpened many years ago. Pray for Thailand... Pray for Thai people...