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  1. Oh...well. Actually so and so (I guess). Seems a long time ago we had that beer at Nana :)

  2. Gee that sucks! My iphone5 has been good to me and I had it since Nov.
  3. 1. www.google.com home page 2. www.yahoo.com for their articles 3. www.goal.com 4. www.mlssoccer.com 5. www.youtube.com 6. www.espn.com 7. en.wikipedia.org/main 8. www.dailypost.co.uk 9. www.cnn.com 10. www.citytech.cuny.edu my college
  4. How are you buddy?

  5. dpuma18

    Incident Report

    What is one thinking when carrying around a laptop late at night... and getting drunk. lol oh well
  6. dpuma18

    Nice side-kick :)

    Ever since that McDonald case the USA has gone crazy with the stupid warnings. Nice one Canada
  7. Looking forward to the changes and hopefully for the better. It's too bad my dollar won't go as far as it use to. Back in 04 I could get 43-48 baht to the dollar.
  8. That was awesome! I love Heineken even more!
  9. What are the bad regulations, and do you really spank them? Or just a joke. :cool: It's very honorable to be a teacher. Congratulations with your job.
  10. Hahaha, Luckily this didn't end in a tragedy. They could have each taken turns.
  11. Because having erectile dysfunction was preventing all men from dating hot younger girls. lol
  12. Just saw the ad. Wow! That is really crazy. I never agreed with the "whitening: concept. We even have it in Latin America were someone says that lighter is the "good skin"
  13. Thanks for joining the Travelers Group and for your cheering message! Hope you have a nice time at TF and for sure also at our group!

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