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  1. 5555+ (can't talk anymore cuz i'm laughing...)
  2. i think the slideshow javascript on top of the page makes the PC slow... especially when you open a few TF pages at the same time... for the loading of the page it's also not as fast as with the old version here...
  3. great pics too bad i didn't know you are here...
  4. wow, wonderful pics! they are all great and... Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  5. tuxi

    Have you ever....

    yes, of course... sometimes it's nice and sometimes not....
  6. great pics thanks for sharing!! wished i could join too....
  7. tuxi

    My wedding photos

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! wonderful beautiful lovely pics!!!
  8. no sex, no money, no honey!! LOL funny to put sex for the first position ;-) doesn't it need money first?? 555+ 8)
  9. Thanks for your advice, Neung! Do you have an idea where in china town? I don't know china town well at all...
  10. hi all! I'm looking for a carton tube (diameter 8-10 cm, length around 1 metre) to package something for my flight tomorrow. Does anyone know where i can find such a tube in BKK? I was looking in some stationery shops already, but unsuccessfull. Thanks for your advice! Linus
  11. tuxi

    Songs of the week

    5555+ nice combination LOL can't decide which one i like more
  12. i would like to join! but i can't confirm yet! will let you know later ;-) i only know for sure now that i'll arrive in bkk on dec. 25 evening..
  13. interesting... about the meeting was also a lot on tv here... but not something like this.. thanks for sharing!
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