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  1. anyways its ok u_u .....i'm hidding it
  2. hmm means i cant delete what i created, what if i own like 200 of dummy accounts on here?
  3. its so damn frikin complicated o grrrrrrrrrrrr do i have the right to delete myself on here?
  4. I've been spending bout 15 mins now and giving up, where to delete it? Thxxx <3
  5. I've been spending bout 15 mins now and giving up, where to delete it? Thxxx <3
  6. Happy Birthday !!!

  7. Thanks so much MWKW. I was just talking with family about this decision. Appreciate any assistance in this decision!! Good luck on your thesis.

  8. oh no ...u've got a gf already :D

    = cant be flirted ?


    ho humm

  9. i cant be patient! any problemo? Anyways, u've got a beautiful GF!!

  10. hahhaha Lols @kaunitz thank u thank u ^^ i'll make it clear who n where
  11. hi thank u so much for a broader perspective on my thesis.

    today i talked with a person who work for social work with farangs already, ^^ i'm planning to get more information with immigration bureau and etc etc. as my target group is still unclear i need to focus & summary & specific to smaller group. Getting all info. of expats seems too large and too hard for 1 year of study ^^ i will keep u up to date, if you hav anything to ask about retire life in thailand you can ask me I will be happy to assist you as i can.

  12. Your welcome mwkw. I am very interested in what you find out for your thesis. I am planning on retiring to Thailand in the very near future and am still undecided in where to relocate too. I have looked into the visa issues, and shopped online for property/business's in the BKK and Patttaya area. I have a good friend in the Nakhorn Phenom area, and she says my $$$ would go a lot further up in her area (Baan Paen). Please keep me in the loop on your report.

  13. Hi sweetie0987: yup i do hav facebook and join the group already thank you again ka ^^ thank you everyone ill decide again n make it clear where ^^ big city like chaing mai, phuket and isaan areas like konkean are good... Each city has different farang type and facilities lol thank you again for helping hands its useful for me
  14. hello there :D thank you for ur kind and supportive information ^^ it help me to make decision alot, kob kun ka!

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