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  1. This, and the earlier reference to Hyndland, may be a bit obscure to anyone unfamiliar with Glesgae!! ;-)
  2. and how many times have we heard THAT before .......... *yawn*
  3. Australia were well under-par - the Irish scrum **** all over them. I think the coach should've made some changes in the front row ealier. Nonetheless - well done Ireland!!
  4. Jesus H Christ on a f*cking bike....... I think I'm gonna puke
  5. Yep - another individual at the Post that is so far up himself he can barely see daylight .......
  6. I'm struggling to come to terms with, and make sense of this whole report. "Schools that turn down government financial assistance would not be allowed to raise their fees." WTF is that supposed to mean??? These red-shirt appointees are complete asshats. This country is going to hell in a hand-basket....... and it will happen way before they enter the AEC in 2015.
  7. "systemise bribe payments..."????????? Seriously, WTF!!????
  8. Never gonna give up trolling ......
  9. Watching a repeat of last night's game here in Brunei right now - Rooney just scored his second...... Early days yet but (barring future injuries and/or suspensions) so far MU look like they will be hard to beat this season. Consummate performance against Bolton, looking forward to more of the same!
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