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  1. Glad we didn't take Barton, he would disrupt the team too much which would outweigh the benefits.
  2. Agree, would have liked to have seen a big name signing for midfield and a new back up goalie also but perhaps in Jan? Finally good to see the cash being spent even if seemingly under duress. Not sure how the team balance will go but the defence looks better.
  3. I thought it was time to update the above to reflect developments of the last 6 months as a couple of exts have advanced. Remember, the latest network map is linked earlier. MOT has said they are reviewing plans to ensure all is in accordance with their election network policy but the reality the new govt. will prioritise lines which will increase property prices in areas where their members have financial interests. A) Current lines under construction; 1) SRT Red Line from Bang Sue to Taling Chan (est open now late 2012) 2) BTS ext from Wong Wian Yai to Bang Wah (Dec 2012) 3) MRTA Purple Lin
  4. Very strange that Ciaran has seemingly not been so active on TF in the last week. I wonder why..............?
  5. So Ciaran.........opened yesterday na. Wanna take me out on a date and load me up with booze in the next few weeks? (I'll even put on some lippy and a nice frock!)
  6. I get the idea but this is still TF right? Since when have you ever tried to ensure that a member adheres to the basis of a thread topic?
  7. Parents, don't let this guy take your daughter to Bed for a Confidential Sunday! (This could be an ad for a stranger danger campaign......)
  8. Not a fat **** anymore it seems, http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/waxwork-warnie-whipped-into-shape--but-not-by-liz-20110805-1ie70.html
  9. "White skin natives"??? "destruction of indigenous way of life"? "Act of treason"? What is this "indigenous way of life" that you refer to? Eating **** food, incessantly talking about the weather and being a football yob? Does that characterisation sound nicely superficial enough? I was under the impression thought that the only indigenous people in the UK were some Welsh, Scots, Cornish and Irish? Are not most english "white skin natives" descended from german immigrant tribes (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-396406/Were-Germans--1-600-years.html), and Viking & Normans invaders
  10. Are you sure??? Open means carrying pax for normal scheduled services. BTS is currently running trains on the ext without pax. I'd be highly surprised if the BMA and BTS would open it a week early given the importance of the 12th. Let's say if you are incorrect, then you owe Ciaran and I, 3 lots of 3 towers of beer watching the Gunners play your team at TD2? Sound good?
  11. I'm with Danno....you should have called titled the thread Euro gps for WC 2014. 3 of the Asian gps are a quiet interesting as well. One thing for certain, Thailand yet again will fail to qualify past their group to the next stage of qualification. Thailand should just apply to play in the South American group where you get a 50% chance of qualifying.
  12. You did that last year and it didn't help you then.
  13. Apols for the late reply K. Kus. Don't know about that. Grimm were involved in the construction of the line as a consultant, not aware of their involvement since the line became operational. The line is run by an SRT subsidiary, SRTET (the creatively inspired name being SRT Electric Train co.), which has then contracted an operator to run it. Previously, it was a DB (German national train carrier) subsidiary but they chose not to renew and currently the operator is the same Malaysian company which operates the KL Airport Express line.
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